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Make Your Stroller Stand Out At Theme Parks

December 15, 2017

Do you get frustrated trying to find your stroller at Disney or other Theme Parks?

You’re not alone.

Oftentimes, you will see Cast Members moving strollers around to make the area look neater and/or leave more room for guests. This means that your stroller is not always exactly where you left it.

Stroller signs is fine and dandy, but unless you’re approaching it from the angle you attached your sign, you still may not see it right away (especially if you have a popular stroller or you rented one from Disney).

Instead, try using some of these items to make your stroller really stand out in a crowd.

Make Your Stroller Stand Out At Theme Parks

Stroller Spotter

Stroller Spotter (Straight, Amber)

Appropriately named, these illuminated sticks are made to go on strollers.

What’s even cuter is that they also sell Disney Toppers to go on top of the antenna. Light them up at night or leave the light off during the day.

If you’re the only stroller with an antenna, you’ll still be able to spot it, no matter where it is.

Battery Powered Lights

Wrapping a string of lights around the handle or the sides of a stroller will definitely help you find your stroller, especially once the sun goes down.

There are many different kinds, but I like these because they are also waterproof. You know how unpredictable weather can be. Don’t worry about them getting ruined if it starts to rain while you are away from the stroller for a few minutes.

Stroller Fan

How cute are these fans? I’ve seen fans attached to strollers, but how many will have these adorable little faces on them?

If you have it pointed towards your little one, just make sure to clip it to the top so you can easily find your stroller once it’s time to go grab it.

Multicolored Blanket

Any brightly colored blanket or sheet will do, but what I love about this one is the loops on it. It easily hooks onto the handles, so it won’t fall off the stroller if a Cast Member has to move it or there is a breeze.

Bonus: it also makes a great shield from the sun if your little one wants to take a nap or you get caught in a light mid-day rain.

What do you use to make your stroller stand out?

Other guests have sworn by their stroller signs and/or buying a Disney balloon. And if it works for you, GREAT!

Sure, there will be other guests who have the same balloons tied to their strollers, but it will be a much smaller pool of strollers to go through.

Personally, I never liked being bopped in the head by a balloon all day long, but to each his own… However, if it made searching for my stroller all day long much easier, I’d buy 2!

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