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Affordable On-Site Resorts For Families of 5

June 21, 2018

The number 5! That magical number that makes your Disney Vacation that much more expensive (and I’m not just talking park tickets). The biggest issue with having families of 5 is that when you’re looking to save as much money as you can on a vacation, you get frustrated when you see that the majority of the budget-friendly options only allow 4 people to be booked in the room.

Some think that they can get away with paying for a smaller room and squeeze that 5th person in without Disney knowing. While you technically could get away with it, I would never recommend it. Not only does this pose problems with MagicBands and Dining Plans (which requires a Resort Reservation to purchase), you couldn’t possibly be comfortable cramming that many people in queen sized beds.

So, what are families of 5 supposed to do?

My top picks for families of 5

If your child is under 3

Children under 3 are Free at Walt Disney World. Although you have to make Disney aware of a little one traveling with you, they do not count as a room occupant. So, even if you have 2 older kids and a baby, your family can save a little and book one of the many Resort Rooms that hold 4 Guests.

Choose a Resort that can accommodate your family

Obvious, right? But, just because your family is larger than 4, that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck paying for Deluxe Accommodations.

Huge juke box and guitar at Disney's All-Star Music Resort

Photo Credit: Disney

All Star Music Resort – Family Suite

This is the perfect blend of space and value. Family Suites can hold up to 6 Guests, so 5 should fit comfortably in these rooms. Not only do you have more floor space, you also have a small kitchenette.

Photo Credit: Disney

Art of Animation – Family Suites

Aside from the Little Mermaid Rooms, the Resort primarily caters to families up to 6 Guests. Not only is this Resort considered a Value Resort, it is super cute and heavily themed in 4 of your favorite movies. Plus, they’re suites, so you get more floor space and the kitchenette. If you have a little more money in the budget, Art of Animation gets my vote!

This is also a fan favorite for smaller families, as well. The added floor space is a huge lifesaver if you have toddlers, since they can actually get down on the floor and move around a little bit.

Port Orleans – Riverside

We love Port Orleans! Only Alligator Bayou has that extra bed to accommodate that 5th member of your family. It’s not a suite, so it doesn’t have the kitchenette or the extra floor space. Although it’s a Moderate Resort, if you want something a little more economic than the suites, Port Orleans is a great option for families of 5.

We also love it for families of 4 with children who don’t like to share beds with siblings. The pull down Murphy Bed is shorter than a traditional Twin, but it’s also super cute and the perfect size for a younger child. However, my oldest, who was 13 at the time, slept here all week with no complaints.

It sure beats sleeping with your brother or sister!

A contemporary log cabin with a raised deck
Photo Credit: Disney

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort 

I think of these cabins as “roughing it” in style. From a full size kitchen to your own driveway, these are pretty awesome! When you’re dealing with strollers and naps, there’s nothing better than driving your own car (Parking at the Parks are still free for on-site Guests) and being able to pull right up to your room.

The Cabins hold up to 6 Guests, so these are also a great option for families of 4 and 5. Aside from “mom and dad’s” bed, there is a bunk bed and a pull out couch. Even with 3 children, no one has to sleep with their brother or sister.

In terms of pricing, it’s also right in line with the All Star Music Suites and Art of Animation. So, if you need the extra room and the convenience of having your own driveway, then The Cabins are for you. Plus, if you need some outdoor space for little ones to run around, there’s room for that, too.

Resorts that didn’t quite make the cut:

Caribbean Beach Resort – This is a super cute Resorts with a lot of things going for it. Unfortunately, there’s just so much construction going on right now. Not only is the Resort, itself, undergoing major renovations, there is a brand new Gondola System going in right next door, as well as a brand new DVC Resort called the Disney Riviera Resort being built. With estimated finish dates into late 2019, it will be a loud place to be for awhile. Once finished, the whole area will be amazing, but for now, I think I will have to pass.

If you’re staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort during this time, try to get a room in Aruba, Jamaica, or Trinidad North. These areas seem to be the least affected by all the construction.

Coronado Springs Resort – Another great resort, but the only options for families larger than 4 are Large Suites and Casitas. While beautiful, they may be too expensive for the average family.

Coronado Springs also has construction going on, as well. And Starting in the Fall of 2018, the refurbishments will cause certain amenities to close, including the Dig Site (including the pool), volleyball court, playground, the arcade, and Siestas Cantina.

Deluxe Resorts and Deluxe Villas – Strictly budget-wise, as much as I love these Resorts, the average family may find it hard either paying for these Resorts or justifying the cost.

Which Resorts are your favorite?

Ready to book your magical vacation?

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