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Brand New Discounts For Your 2020 Vacation

September 7, 2020
The Disney Skyliner passing over the Caribbean Beach Resort

Normally, I tell my family members that if you’re traveling to Walt Disney World and not using discounts, you’re doing something wrong. Because Disney always has a discount. But, this year, everything we thought we knew about planning a trip to Walt Disney World has been thrown out the window. So many changes have had to be made in the past few months. Thankfully, Disney’s tradition of releasing…

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The Cost To Go To Walt Disney World in 2023

May 26, 2020

The question, “How much does it cost to go to Walt Disney World?” is not only my most frequently asked question, it’s also the hardest to answer sometimes. Why? Because without any other details, it’s almost impossible to answer. Cost depends on many different factors. When are you traveling? How long of a trip are you planning? How old are the kids traveling with you? Which Resort would…

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Paying For Your Disney Vacation With Gift Cards

April 13, 2020
A pile of Disney Gift Cards

Whether you’re new to Disney Planning or you’ve been doing your research for awhile, you’ve probably heard about paying for your vacation with Gift Cards. But, how does that work and what are the tricks to making them easier to work with? Paying For Your Disney Vacation With Gift Cards Can you pay for your entire vacation with Gift Cards? Yes! Disney allows you to pay for everything…

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What To Expect From Your Travel Agent Booking Your Disney Vacation

February 17, 2020
Photo of my office

Disney keeps everyone on their toes with their constant changes. Even if you’re spending your every waking moment reading up on everything, it’s easy to get completely overwhelmed. So, it’s no wonder that so many people think about using a Travel Agent for their upcoming Disney trip. However, there’s also a lot of questions surrounding what to expect. While I was doing some research, I found many people…

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How To Score The Free Dining Promotion in 2020

January 3, 2020
How to score Free Dining in 2020

It may only be a couple days into the New Year, but the Free Dining promotion has already been announced for dates in 2020. Free Dining is popular for one reason…free food! Whether you’ve been looking forward to this promotion since you started thinking about booking a trip or you’re just now learning about this promotion, here are the details for Free Dining for Summer 2020. How To…

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