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5 Insanely Helpful Items To Bring With You

August 23, 2020

For many of us, luggage space is an issue. We want to save room for all the goodies we want to bring back home. So, whatever we decide to pack has to either be small or be incredibly helpful in some way.

Luckily, these items are just that. They’re small, helpful, and easy to pack. So, in my book, that makes each of these items a huge win!

5 Insanely Helpful Items To Bring With You


You’ve probably heard me tell the story about the year that I almost lost my MagicBand in the queue for Big Thunder Mountain. Before that moment, I never worried about my MagicBand falling off. But, despite how secure they seem, something small like catching it just right on a railing, and they can definitely fall off.

Once I got home, I discovered BitBelt online and purchased them for my next trip. Since then, I’ve recommended these so much, you’d think the company way paying me to sponsor their products (they don’t).

Opening your Resort Door with your MagicBand
Unlocking my Room Door with my MagicBand, complete with a teal BitBelt.

To me, BitBelts aren’t only helpful, they’re necessities. MagicBands serve many purposes. This is a place your Park Tickets, FastPasses, Disney Dining Plan Credits, PhotoPass pictures, and credit card is stored. It’s also the key to your room.

MagicBands are secured by your pin. And they’re really easy to replace. But, why not just secure it to your wrist to begin with?

Wondersip one click open reusable straw

Wondersip Reusable Straws

I love the initiative that Disney is taking to reduce the amount single use plastic waste. However, I also hate the paper straws they’ve been using as an alternative.

There are so many wonderful reusable straws on the market right now. But, anyone with kids will tell you what a hassle it is to clean them out, especially once whatever they were drinking has dried up inside.

So, when I was introduced to Wondersip, I was intrigued. The company was kind enough to send me a complete set of 5 straws to test out. After putting them through the test, I can honestly say that I am more than impressed with these straws.

Wondersip one click open reusable straw

They’re sturdy, dishwasher safe, AND they easily open up for easy cleaning! If you’ve been around a little while, you may recognize a post where I mentioned 5 items I always bring that no one thinks of. One of the items on that list is dish soap. So, washing these straws at the same time I wash my reusable mugs will be a cinch.

No more paper straws for me! I will definitely be packing my Wondersip straws for my next trip.

JoySpring Vital Vits Vitamins for kids

JoySpring Vitamins

I am not an expert on holistic remedies, nor do I solely rely on herbal supplements for my family’s health.

But, with everything going on right now, if there’s some natural way to keep us healthy and give our immune systems a boost, I’m willing to give it a try. So, when asked if I’d like to try this highly rated immune booster, I was all for it.

Vital Vits is the only product we’ve tried from JoySpring. And although this particular vitamin is marketed for kids, I was curious about the taste and if it works.

Honestly, the taste takes some getting used to. But, it’s not terrible. Kids probably wouldn’t even notice if you mixed it into their food or drinks.

But, a pleasant surprise came from how I felt the days I took it. Since my seasonal allergies aren’t severe, I usually don’t take allergy medications. I’ve noticed that even the non-drowsy allergy medications make me sleepy. And I just don’t have the time to be tired all day.

So, I was ecstatic that this cleared up my sinuses without the added effect of feeling tired all day. That alone gives this my stamp of approval.

Arcopedico Shoes

Arcopedico Shoes

What’s so special about Arcopedico shoes?

Well, for the past few years, I’ve only worn sandals to Disney. I found that sneakers don’t work for me in the Parks. Despite following every piece of advice out there, they’re just torture on my feet.

Since we normally travel when it’s really hot, sandals allow my feet to breathe and not rub in the same spot all day.

After renting for the past 5 years we’ve been in Houston, we’ve decided it was time to finally buy a home here. This means that we’re not traveling to Disney in the fall, like we normally do.

If all goes well, we’re hoping to go back around January, closer to my birthday. Unfortunately, weather in Florida varies a lot. It could be beautiful. But, it can also get chilly. So, if we manage to get some cooler weather, sandals probably wouldn’t work for me then.

I was presented an opportunity to test out a pair of shoes to my readers. The Leta B shoe were recommended to me, since they’re made for traveling.

Since we really haven’t gone anywhere these past few months, I’ve been able to take many long walks around the neighborhood with them.

These shoes are so lightweight and really flexible, which is helpful for those of us with wide feet. I struggle finding something that doesn’t consistently rub on the sides of my feet. But, I’ve had no problems with these shoes. Bring on the cooler weather…because for once, I’m ready!

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Disney Lanyard with Zipper Pouch

Many of us think that we need to go to the Disney Parks with a large backpack stuffed with “stuff”.

But, after many trips into the Parks, I realized I wasn’t using any of these things I was carrying around with me all day. So, why was I still bringing them?

The day I decided to go with just what fit into my lanyard was one of the best days I’ve had in the Parks. I can’t tell you how helpful not having a backpack was. My shoulders didn’t hurt. I didn’t have to hang onto a bag on rides. And best of all, I didn’t have to go through bag security.

So, what did I bring with me in such a small “bag”?

Rain wasn’t in the forecast that day, so we hoped for the best and left the ponchos at our Resort.

My Mickey Mouse Lanyard will continue to be my primary “bag”. But, for those daysrain is in the forecast, I’m also considering buying this cute Disney waist bag since they tend to be slightly bigger. As much as I don’t want to start adding things to my bag again, sometimes we just need our ponchos.

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