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FuelRod Continuing Free Swaps For Existing Customers

July 13, 2020

A few months ago, I wrote a post all about my decision to no longer be using FuelRod as my primary phone charger at the Disney Parks.

Like myself, other Disney Guests found using a FuelRod as their primary phone charger to be the best option. Purchasing the kit was a one time purchase. But, it came with a lifetime supply of free swaps at any FuelRod kiosk.

This completely eliminated the need to bring more than one charger to the Parks.

After sharing my phone charging tip to friends and family, I completely changed my mind when Disney announced that unlimited swaps were no longer going to be free. Instead, each swap was going to cost a whopping $3.

Founders Status

The announcement that Disney was not going through with the price increase came just a few days after the initial announcement. Obviously, those of us who had purchased Fuelrods specifically for the unlimited swaps felt cheated.

As a result, a new policy was created. This new policy is being referred to as a Founders Status. Anyone who has purchased a FuelRod prior to October 26, 2019 is protected from the price hike and will be able to continue swapping out as we normally have.

Unfortunately, anyone who purchased one after October 26, 2019 will be required to pay the $3 swap fee.

FuelRod Portable Charger machine inside of Disney's Pop Century

How To Get Founders Status

If you purchased a FuelRod prior to October 26, 2019, you will need to fill out a questionnaire. Finding your emailed receipt is the easiest way to prove you had a FuelRod before the price increase since it contains all the information you need.

I was able to find my receipt with the heading Transaction Receipt from FuelRod & SaveMe Batteries. For once, the unending number of unread emails in my inbox was actually a good thing.

I should note that I purchased my FuelRod directly from their website, which is why I knew I had an emailed receipt. If you purchased your kit from a kiosk, you may or may not have received a receipt.

Founders Status Questionnaire

If you don’t have an emailed receipt, as long as you can provide as much detail as you can remember, you should still receive your Founders Status.

This information includes:

  • Any email addresses that you may have used during purchase
  • Last 4 digits of any credit card you may have used
  • Month, year, and venue you made your purchase
  • Photograph of your FuelRod as proof you have one
Screenshot of the FuelRod App

Download the FuelRod App

According to their news release, you must create an account on the mobile app before Founders Status can be activated. You must also use the same email address that you used during the questionnaire.

Swapping will be slightly different than what we’re used to. We will now use our app to scan a QR code. It’s a small change, but this allows Founders to swap our existing FuelRods for free, even if the kiosks charge to swap.

Fuelrod sitting on a desk with its included adapter

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