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5 Items I Always Pack That No One Thinks To Bring To Walt Disney World

June 28, 2020

A Disney Vacation is like no other. And that includes the items I always pack for my trips to Walt Disney World.

The weather doesn’t always cooperate. Parties at Magic Kingdom usually means a mid-day outfit change. And no outfit would be complete without a matching set of Mickey ears.

My family used to think I was nuts for bringing some of these things. But, after traveling with me (and borrowing most of it), I’ve made believers out of them. From now on, they’ll no longer forget to pack these 5 useful items.

5 Items I always pack for my trips to Walt Disney World

Dish Soap

For us, refillable mugs are a must. After a day of refilling our mugs with sticky drinks, they definitely need a scrub. The food courts have little sinks to rinse them out. But, you’re not going to find any soap at any of the sinks.

Once everyone has gone to bed, I give each mug a thorough scrub, so they’re ready for the next day.

I’m sure you can find some dish soap in the gift shops. After all, you’ll find kitchenettes and full kitchens in many Resorts.

But, you’re going to save more money bringing some from home.

Refillable mugs at Walt Disney World

Ziplock Bags

It always surprises how handy Ziplock Bags are at Disney.

Of course, they’re handy for bringing snacks into the Parks. It helps us with our food budget, as well.

But, we’ve found so many other uses for them that we wouldn’t have ever thought of if we didn’t save some handy.

Ziplock bags are great for protecting our electronics whenever there’s a chance they’ll get wet. They’ve also come in handy for storing wet ponchos after a rainstorm.

But, thanks to the hot Florida weather and a day’s worth of sweat that comes along with it, I’ve been eternally grateful to have somewhere to store those stinky clothes until I have a chance to wash them.

Murphy Bed in Diseny's Pop Century giving more room to walk around

Power Strip

I was once told that the most forgotten item in hotels is a Phone charger. They’re small and outlets are mostly located in areas close to the ground. So, they’re often overlooked when you’re doing that last sweep of your room before checking out.

That’s why I always pack a small Power Strip in my luggage. Instead of scattering all of our electronics around the room, they’re all located in one central location.

And with everything kept all together, you’re less likely to forget anything.

Phones charging on a tabletop

Moleskin and Anti-blister balm

Unfortunately, it took far too many trips (and far too many blisters) to figure out how to prevent blisters before they started.

Despite doing my homework on the type of shoes I should be using and trying to be prepared, I’d end up with large painful blisters by the end of day 1. That made for a pretty painful rest of the trip.

Finally, I found the perfect combination of the right shoe, Moleskins, and anti-blister balm. Now, I can go a while week without painful blisters slowing me down.

I start the day off by placing the anti-blister stick on any area I suspect there will be any rubbing. Now that I’m wearing the right shoes, most of the time, the anti-blister stick is enough.

But, thanks to Florida rainstorms, sometimes my feet need a little more protection. I used to wait until a blister started forming before covering it with a moleskin or other blister cushion. But, not anymore.

Don’t accidentally ruin your trip and protect your feet before the blisters form.

Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet in Magic Kingdom at the Town Square Theater on Main Street USA

Travel Sized Laundry Detergent

If you’re like me, unless you’re going on a long trip, you don’t anticipate doing laundry.

But, what happens when your child spills something on their clothes?

Or perhaps you have son who decides to change his socks each time he walks back to the room. One year, that’s what my son did. I didn’t even realize he was constantly changing them until he ran out of clean socks halfway through the week. Who can blame him for wanting dry socks?

Now, I make sure I pack some travel size laundry detergent on every Disney trip I take. Lets face it, no matter how many extra shirts or shorts you pack, you never know what’s going to happen when you’re on vacation.

Each Disney Resort has a laundry facility. If you don’t have any laundry soap or fabric softener, you can purchase some from their vending machines. But, at those prices, you can save money by bringing your own from home.

Hanging out in a laundromat

Check For Changes

Disney is always in a constant state of change. And that includes what is and isn’t allowed on Disney property.

That’s why it’s good idea to take a quick glance at the Walt Disney World Resort Property Rules before packing.

Some items have been banned for awhile. But, recent restrictions on loose ice, smoking, and size restrictions for strollers may get you in a little bit of trouble if you haven’t heard of these changes.

Nobody has time to travel all the way back to your Resort to drop off newly banned items. So, save yourself the headache and take a quick glance at the rules before your trip.

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