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Looking For A Great Gift Under $25 For Disney Travelers?

December 12, 2020

Let’s face it…sometimes even Santa needs a little help finding a great gift for those special people in our lives.

And despite what life has thrown at us, many of us at looking forward to traveling again. Whether this special someone already have a trip booked or they’re still in the planning phases, they’ll appreciate the gesture. After all, who isn’t mentally counting down the days till they can get back to their favorite Disney Park?

Looking For A Great Gift Under $25 For Disney Travelers?

A Little Something For Everyone

Wondersip one click open reusable straw is a great gift for anyone wanting to reduce their plastic waste on vacation

Reusable Straws

Is it weird to give someone straws as a gift? Perhaps… But, hear me out for a moment.

While I applaud Disney for realizing they could do more to reduce their plastic waste, I absolutely despise the paper straws they use. Like, seriously…they’re terrible. Unless you’re looking to break some sort of record for the world’s fastest drinker, you’re going to have a wet, soggy piece of paper hanging off the side of your cup before you finish whatever you’re drinking.

I haven’t found a reusable straw that I strongly dislike yet. But, I personally recommend the Wondersip straws. I use them all the time at home and have even added them to my list of 5 insanely helpful items that I always bring with me to Walt Disney World.

Any parent out there knows the struggle of trying to clean out dried beverages out of straws. It’s the worst!

But, since these straws completely open up (and they’re dishwasher safe!), they’re so easy to clean.

Standing outside Magic Kingdom, in front of the train station

Disney-Themed Park Bags

Who doesn’t want a little extra magic in their wardrobe? In recent trips, I’ve have been bringing smaller bags with me into the Parks. But, I can’t seem to make the transition to go completely bagless. This means that I’m continually on the hunt for the perfect Park bag.

I don’t necessarily think there is only one specific bag that is “perfect” for everyone. After all, we all travel a little bit differently. But, what’s great is that whether you prefer to bring mini backpacks, larger backpacks, or even a Loungefly Crossbody bag, there are some really adorable bags that make a great gift for any traveler.

Loungefly Disney The Lion King Family Crossbody Bag - BoxLunch Exclusive

Loungefly Disney The Lion King Family Crossbody Bag – BoxLunch Exclusive

Say “Hakuna Matata!” to any of your traveling worries and carry all of your belongings with ease with this Loungefly crossbody bag! Inspired by The Lion King , Simba, Mufasa, and Sarabi pose together, gazing up at the starry sky on this bag’s front canvas. With gold-toned hardware, an adjustable shoulder strap, a die-cut brand badge, and an iconography interior lining pattern, this bag brings a touch of the beloved animated movie to any outfit. A BoxLunch Exclusive!

You really can’t go wrong with a cute Disney bag.

But, I do have one recommendation.

Contactless security scanners are continuously popping up around Walt Disney World and Disneyland. But, there are still security points that haven’t been upgraded yet.

To make things easier, think of how long it would take for Security to look through your bags before taking it with you.

Popsicle Stick Wall in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears

Is there such a thing as having too many Mickey or Minnie ears? Or is it just something I tell myself to justify getting another pair of really cute ears?

Some say that you don’t need to bring more than one pair with you. While others bring one for every outfit.

However you like to travel, there’s no better feeling than putting on an adorable pair of ears. Whether they’re a first time Guest or a seasoned traveler, Mickey ears don’t go out of style.

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband  Black on Black Official shopDisney

Minnie Mouse Ear Headband Black on Black Official shopDisney

Basic black is back in style with this Minnie Mouse ear headband featuring tonal ears, polka dots, and faux leather bowan essential staple for your parkgoing wardrobe.

Incredible Celebration in Hollywood Studios

Disney-Themed Clothing and Accessories

My photos aren’t exactly what you could call “insta-worthy“. I may never know what to do with my hands or how to pose for a decent picture. And I will most definitely look like a hot, sweaty mess. But, one thing is for sure…at least I’m wearing a darn cute shirt.

Support Small Businesses and Get a Great Gift

Thanks to Disney fans out there, there certainly isn’t a shortage of Disney merch on the market. Etsy is a great choice for some really great Disney clothing. And best of all, when you shop on Etsy, you’re supporting a Small Business.

Crowned Athletics Hat with Disney inspired allover print makes a great Holiday gift
Crowned Athletics Fitness Princess Athletic Cap

Crowned Athletics is another Small Business that I love supporting. Their workout apparel does price out at over $25. But, their Disney-inspired hair accessories, pins, and fitness gear totally make the cut.

My favorite item of theirs, at the moment, is their Fitness Princess Athletic Cap. Sure, it’s super cute. But, what I really love is the the criss cross back that lets me still wear my hair up all day. I almost didn’t want to mention it because it technically costs over $25. ($28 to be exact)

But, by using either my affiliate link above or using the coupon code EXPLOREWITHCATHERINE at checkout, it ends up costing you $25.20.

Great Gift For the Kids (and Kids at Heart)

Riding the tram at the Orlando International Airport

Screenless Travel Toys

As a mom, I know the trials of trying to keep little ones entertained while traveling. Nowadays, all kids want something electronic. But, when you have a long car or plane ride, the last thing you want is for them to be staring at a screen all day.

Like any child of the 80’s, I love a good Colorform. I remember playing with them before heading off to Pre-K. So, it was something I made sure my kids had when they were younger.

Look and Find books are also a great gift to keep your kids occupied for a little while.

But, what I really love are activities that come with multiple activities and/or are contained within itself. I love activities like Magnetic Tin Sets, Sticker and Color Books, Invisible Ink Activity Books, and almost everything by Color Wonder for keeping kids occupied while traveling.

If you happen to hit a big bump in the road or a line starts moving, there’s less chance of pieces falling to the ground.

Cinderella Castle with Partner Statue

Bubble Wands and Glow Sticks

Bubble wands, glow sticks, and light up necklaces are still popular souvenirs. The problem is they’re pretty expensive in the Parks.

Bringing toys into the Parks will almost always save you money. So, it’s a great gift to give the little one (or full grown adult) in your family.

We received a great gift of a Hidden Mickey Book, which helped us find this tiny Hidden MIckey, located at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Hidden Mickey Book

My boys love looking for Hidden Mickeys. But, it’s my oldest son who really gets into the fun of finding the most obscure Hidden Mickeys out there.

We have a couple different versions of the Hidden Mickeys Book. And each trip, my son makes sure to bring one along to help him on his quest to find as many as he can (although he doesn’t actually count how many he does find).

It’s made standing in line much more bearable. As soon as we come to a standstill, he takes out his book and reads through the attraction to see many Hidden Mickeys he needs to look for.

Anyone on a quest to find all the Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World will think this is a great gift. We’ve found some pretty cool ones that we didn’t even know were there had it not been for my son and the Hidden Mickey Books.

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