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New Policies Going Into Effect May 2019 And How It Will Affect Your Next Trip

March 28, 2019

There are some new policies in effect on both coasts. Planning an upcoming trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland? You’ll want to know what they are.

Disney has released new policies regarding Strollers, Wagons, Smoking, and Loose Ice in the Parks. Read on to learn about these new policies and see how they could impact your next trip.

These new policies have gone into effect starting May 1, 2019

New Policies in effect as of May 2019

New policies going in to effect in Walt Disney World and Disneyland


Is your stroller too big?

To help with the congestion on the walkways in and around the Parks, there are now size restrictions on strollers.

Your stroller can be no larger than 31″ (79cm) wide and no longer than 52″ (132cm).

Many of the strollers on the market, including double jogging strollers, fit within these size guidelines.

But, we always suggest double checking to make sure that yours is within these guidelines before attempting to enter the Parks.

How is Disney planning on enforcing this new rule?

Disney has placed a marked area on the ground at the security checkpoint. If your stroller fits within that marked area, you’re able to bring your stroller in with you.

If your stroller too big and you need help renting a stroller that will meet Disney’s new size restrictions, we recommend Kingdom Strollers. Every stroller on their website falls within the new guidelines.

Stroller Wagons are no longer allowed

Stroller Wagons have now made the banned list.

We believe this is for the safety of your child. When you pull a child behind you, you’re not able to see what is going on at all times.

And when crowds are at an all time high, there’s a greater chance that another Guest will not be watching where they are going and accidentally hurt your child.

And with the number of Guests that walk through the entrance gates each day, that can be a dangerous situation.

Little girl sitting in a stroller with a hat and sunglasses


All smoking areas have been removed from:

  • all Walt Disney World and Disneyland Parks
  • Blizzard Beach
  • Typhoon Lagoon
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
  • Downtown Disney in California.

Designated smoking areas will stay at Disney Resort Hotels and Disney Springs in Florida. There are also designated smoking areas outside of each Park entrance.

The same rule also applies to vaping.

Castle View at Walt Disney World in Florida

Loose Ice

As of March 28, 2019, loose ice and dry ice are now banned from Theme Park and water parks.

It’s recommeded that re-usable ice packs be used. But, they’re allowing loose ice to be brought in, as long as they are in a sealed ziplock bag.

If you need additional ice, complimentary cups of ice are available at Quick Service Food and Beverage locations inside of the Parks.

This rule has been received with a bit of confusion. But, after reading these new changes, it sounds like this has to do with security.

Security Guards don’t want to keep you waiting any longer than they have to. By having everything contained, they can quickly and easily search your belongings and send you on your way.

Interested in more tips? We recommend Tips for quickly getting through Disney Security.

Train Station and Entrance to Disneyland in California
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