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Ways You’ll Accidentally Ruin Your Disney Vacation

January 24, 2020

Walt Disney World is the most magical place on earth. How could anything possibly ruin your vacation?

No one sets out to intentionally ruin their vacation. But, sometimes emotions get in the way. And before you know it, you’re miserable.

So, while I can’t guarantee anything, I do have a few tips to help you have that magical vacation you’ve always dreamed about.

Not Having A Plan

While “winging it” may work for some things, I always recommend having a plan for Disney trips, especially if it’s your first time in the Parks.

Lets face it…you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know where anything is. And everyone else seems to be seamlessly wandering around the Parks and enjoying themselves while you’re still trying to figure out what a Lightning Lane is.

You don’t have to plan out every minute of your day. But, you should at least plan out the basics.

  • Did you get your Park Reservations? Because Disney won’t let you into the Parks without one.
  • Will you be purchasing Disney Genie? If so, will you get it every day? Or only for certain Parks?
  • Are there any Dining Reservations you need to make?
  • Name a couple attractions in each Park that are a “must do.” And what is your plan for making that happen?

Doing a little bit of planning not only familiarizes yourself with Walt Disney World, it can also help you avoid some first timer mistakes.

Over Planning Your Days

If there’s one thing that will ruin your vacation more than not planning anything, it’s overplanning.

For many Guests, Walt Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, of course, you want to do everything. But, even the most seasoned Guest will tell you that it’s just not possible.

Filling your itinerary with as many things as possible is only going to leave you exhausted and cranky. And that’s when you start to see the kids cry, the parents start to bicker, etc…

Choose a few “must do” attractions, shows, and treats and leave the rest of the day open. You’ll enjoy your vacation much more when you’re not running around trying to keep up with a schedule.

Relaxing at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Not Resting When You Need To

Whether it’s intentional or not, we all adopt the same motto. “We’ll rest when we get home.”

But, not listening to your body when it’s clearly telling you to slow down is one of the best ways to ruin your vacation.

There’s a reason why everyone rushes to leave the Park right after the nighttime shows. Disney is exhausting, even on the best day.

So, if you’re tired, go back to your Resort and relax for a little while. You can always go back to the Parks later in the day. And when you do, you’ll be much more refreshed and actually be able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet in Magic Kingdom at the Town Square Theater on Main Street USA

Not Wearing The Right Shoes

Ok, so when I was planning my very first Disney Vacation, I did A LOT of research. I read every post I could find. And each one of them stressed the importance of wearing the right shoes. And, while they’re not wrong, most (if not all) mentioned that wearing sneakers was mandatory.

So, I listened to them.

My trip came and on Day 1, my nicely broken in sneakers gave me a blister that caused me pain the rest of the week. It was miserable. Have you ever walked 10 miles a day in sneakers that were rubbing against your sweaty sores? No amount of moleskins can help that.

After a few trips of getting blisters, I went against what everyone said and packed 2 of the comfiest sandals I owned. And you know what? I didn’t get one single blister!

So, my advice is: Wear whatever your feet are most comfortable in!

For me, living in Texas means that I’m rarely in sneakers anymore. It’s just too hot! So, my feet aren’t used to them like when we lived in NY. I live in sandals that allow my feet to breathe almost year round now.

Switching off between my Teva Sandals and my Sanuks are the way to go. And because they both have a back strap, they’re much easier to walk around in when I get caught in the rain.

MagicBands can now be upgraded to Character MagicBands in your Walt Disney World Package

Using Your MagicBand To Pay For Everything

Attaching your credit card to your MagicBand is so convenient. Why dig through your Park bag for your credit card when you can pay with your MagicBand?

But, you may find yourself spending more than you normally would otherwise. And by the end of the week, you wish you paid more attention to how much you were spending.

Cinderella Castle MagicBand+ Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary

Cinderella Castle MagicBand+ Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary

Now you can enjoy all the features you’ve come to love with MagicBand plus so much more! Debuting as part of the Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary celebration, MagicBand+ lets you engage with Disney moments like never before as it reacts to park interactions with lighting effects and gesture recognition. This special Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary design features an allover print of the anniversary logo incorporating Cinderella Castle.

This is why we opt to use Disney Gift Cards. We don’t worry about going in to debt each time we go to Disney because everything is budgeted for ahead of time. I combine balances to one card on DisneyGiftCard.com, so I’m not walking around with hundreds of $25 Gift Cards. It’s all there on 1 card.

And since your updated balance is always updated at the bottom of your receipt, you always know how much more you have to spend.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

The truth is that you can do everything right and things can still not turn out the way you want it to.

Despite your best efforts to go during the “slow season,” the Parks will still be busy. And I guarantee that at least one of your days will be affected by rain.

And unfortunately, staying on Disney property, getting Genie+, and and logging into My Disney Experience to grab your favorite Lightning Lane at 7 AM, still doesn’t guarantee you will get it.

Walt Disney World is a wonderful and magical place. But, it’s only magical if you want it to be. And if you’re only focusing on what you weren’t able to do, or how much you spent to be there, that would ruin any vacation.

Go with an open mind. Know that you won’t get on every attraction you want. And, if possible, try to save a little more money than you think you’ll need for food, souvenirs, etc. Yes, the Parks are expensive. But, with a little extra planning, it doesn’t have to break the bank…or ruin your vacation.

Ready to book your magical vacation?

Planning a trip can be overwhelming. Don’t do it alone. Get a helping hand.

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