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Tips For Quickly Getting Through Disney Security

May 18, 2019

Before entering any Disney Theme Park, you will need to make it past Security.

While it’s necessary to keep Guests safe, seeing a large crowd of equally anxious people is the last thing you want when you arrive to the Parks.

While I can’t make others around you move any faster, there are some things that you can do to make it through the Security Gates faster.

Tips For Quickly Getting Through Disney Security

Know what is allowed in Disney Parks

Disney is always changing. And sometimes these changes means banning items that once were allowed in the Parks.

Recently, large strollers, wagons, and loose ice made the list of items no longer allowed inside Disney Parks

Reading Disney’s Park Rules before heading to the Parks prevents you from having to choose between throwing something away and returning to your Resort.

Infographic for New Policies in Walt Disney World and Disneyland - Starting May 2019

Bring only what is necessary

Many times, we think we’ll need more than we actually do. This leads you with a backpack full of “stuff” that you never ended up using.

If you can go without a bag, you completely bypass security.

Follow the sign that says “Guests without bags” and wave to the Security Guards as you walk by.

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Hand off to one member of your family

Not every Guests can go bagless, especially if you have small children or family members with special needs.

So, if you can, hand off your bag to someone else and meet back up at the entrance.

You’ll save time not waiting for every member of your family to get through security.

Hanging out with friends and eating a Dole Whip

Open everything up ahead of time

Most of the time, there will be Guests ahead of you in line when you reach the security tables.

Take this time to open every zipper and take everything out of your stroller (except your child).

Security Guards need to look through every nook and cranny. Help them out by having everything ready for them.

To make things easier, place small items in clear, resealable bags. As long as they can see through it, they won’t have to rummage through your bags as much.

They appreciate the gesture and you shave precious moments off your wait time.

The train station at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Think like a lefty and Go Left!

Right-handed people instinctively go to the right.

And since 90% of the population is right handed, tables on the right tend to get crowded long before the tables on the left.

The same goes for the Bag check table.

Every table is set up to to hold two lines with one Security Guard alternating between the two sides of the table.

More often than not, Guests will line up on the right side of the table, leaving the left side completely empty.

So, before you follow the crowds and hop into any line, think like me and look to your left.

Spaceship Earth in Epcot

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