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Tips For Walt Disney World First-Timers

July 2, 2018

Planning your first Walt Disney World Vacation is a scary thing. It’s big, it’s expensive, and it’s crowded. But, even with all those things, it’s still the most magical place on Earth.

I understand the mindset you are in when you are trying to plan out your very first Disney Vacation. You see pictures of happy smiling families enjoying their vacation, so you’re determined to plan that “Perfect” Vacation.

So, what is my advice for Walt Disney World Newbies?


You will not be able to do or see everything

No matter how much you want to, there is no possible way to see or do everything that Disney has to offer. Even Guests who have gone multiple times will name a number of attractions that they would like to do, see, or eat at someday.

It can be frustrating to go home with that “I wish I could have…” lingering over your head. But, don’t let it get you down. It just gives you something to look forward the next time you go. If you don’t plan on going back, just remember the good things that you did get to do and don’t dwell on the things you didn’t get a chance to do.


It WILL be busy

I know that everyone will tell you about the “Disney Madness”, but unless you have seen it with your own eyes, I don’t think that you can actually grasp what it’s like.

There are plenty of posts out there about the “best time” to go to Walt Disney World. In fact, it’s even covered here on Disney Solution. However, even a slow day at Disney will still be busier than a busy day at your local Theme Park.

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Park too busy? Try some other activities going on outside of the Parks

Sometimes you just can’t avoid the crowds. If it gets too much for you, don’t feel like your only choices are standing in lines or sitting in your hotel room. There are plenty of other activities to do outside of the Parks.

Some activities do cost a little extra. But, you can also find activities that are Free, like the Campfire Sing-a-long with Chip and Dale, nighttime movies, and going to Disney Springs.

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Do your homework

Disney is very overwhelming. If you don’t have basic knowledge of what’s going on, you’re going to feel completely lost. You don’t have to memorize when each parade starts, all the places you can see Mickey Mouse, or the location of every single Restaurant (that’s what My Disney Experience and Park Maps are for).

But you should know:

  • How to get from Point A to Point B using Disney Transportation (if you plan on using it)
  • What a Fastpass is
  • What a MagicBand is
  • What kind of Park Tickets you have (Base Ticket? Park Hopper?) and how many days worth of Tickets you have
  • Basic knowledge of the places you will be visiting (Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios are two completely different things)

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Spending your entire day in the Parks every single day is exhausting

You’ve heard the saying, Park Hop Til You Drop. Well, after a couple days, you just may do that.

Consider making it to the Parks for Rope Drop, spend a few hours there, and leave in the early afternoon when the crowds start to roll in. Not only is this when the Parks are at their fullest, it’s also when the sun is at its highest peak. You won’t get much done and you’ll be sweating through your clothes the whole time.

Spend the day cooling down, napping, or going somewhere less crowded. Later on in the day, you can head back for the nighttime fireworks and shows. There’s always a mass exodus of sweaty, exhausted Guests right after the shows end. Instead of following the crowds to the overcrowded buses, take this opportunity to run to the attractions you didn’t have time to do in the morning.

You will be a lot less stressed and you’ll enjoy yourself a whole lot more!


Take advantage of opportunities to keep you out of those long lines

You may know about Fastpasses, but Disney also has a new system in place to keep you out of the Quick Service Restaurant lines, as well.

With the newest update on the My Disney Experience App, it’s easier than ever to Order your food on your phone from anywhere in the Park. Select one of the Restaurants participating in Mobile Ordering, order your food, and just tell the app when you’re on your way. No lines, just great Disney food.

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Disney is a wonderfully magical vacation spot. However, it can get really overwhelming really fast. Remember to relax, when possible, and HAVE FUN! After all, you’re at Disney World! is not authorized or endorsed by, or officially connected with The Walt Disney Company, or any of their affiliates. For official Disney information, visit

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