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Park Hopping: Finding Your Way Around Walt Disney World Without Getting Lost

November 17, 2017

Finding your way around Walt Disney World is not that different from trying to find your way around an unfamiliar city. If you don’t know how to get from Point A to Point B, it is very easy to get lost. And no one wants to get lost at Disney.

With Park Hoppers being so popular, you would think that Disney would come up with a better way to hop from Park to Park.

Well, to be fair, they did address this issue when they created the Express Service. It was a great concept. You hopped on the bus at one Park and they dropped you off INSIDE the next park, eliminating the need for another security check. But, even with positive feedback, the $15 per person, per day (or $24 per person multi day) price tag kept people from adding this service to their Park Hoppers. Guests couldn’t justify paying the extra money, so Disney decided to stop service, even though it was only available for a short time.

So, if there isn’t any direct route to hop from Park to Park, how do you get there?



We all know every Resort goes to each Park, so if you don’t know how to get around any other way, go to any resort (preferably the one closest to the park you want to hop to) and then find the bus heading to that park. If you’re not sure which Resort is closest, you can always check My Disney Experience for a map. No one wants to waste precious Park time sitting (or standing) on a bus longer than you have to.



Who doesn’t like the Monorail? It’s not only fun to ride, it’s also a great way to get from one Park to another. There are 3 different Monorails: Resort Monorail, Epcot Monorail, and the Express Monorail (which runs only between Magic Kingdom and the Transportation and Ticket Center). Trust me…it’s easier than it sounds.

Using the Monorail to Park Hop between Magic Kingdom and Epcot is super easy! You can hop on the Monorail from either of these parks. Ride that Monorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center, transfer to the other Monorail and then ride that one to the other park.

If you ever find yourself at a Monorail Resort, you can also hop on the Monorail at any of these Resorts and it will bring you to Magic Kingdom or Epcot (after switching Monorails at the Transportation and Ticket Center).

Monorail Resorts

Tip: If you’re hopping from another park to Magic Kingdom or Epcot, take the bus to Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. It’s the last stop before Magic Kingdom. Going to the the other 2 Resorts will still get you to your destination, but there will be more stops along the way.



Water taxis and ferries are great modes of transportation. I find that they’re relaxing, which is a good change of pace after a day of on-the-go activities in the Parks.

Again, if you find yourself at any of the following Resorts, hop on a boat to your desired location and it will bring you to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs. Animal Kingdom is not accessible by boat.

Magic Kingdom

Ferryboats connect Magic Kingdom park to the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios 

Disney Springs

Uber/Lyft (Minnie Van)

minnie van.jpg

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If you’re in a hurry (Park Hopping is serious business!), Uber and Lyft are available throughout the Walt Disney World Property. Of course, this option will cost you $$, but it’s also the fastest.

If you choose the Minnie Van, the fee for this is a flat $25 (Updated 5/16/18) and will be driven by Disney Cast Members. The Minnie Van can accommodate up to 6 guests. If you have small children, 2 car-seats are also available (free of charge). With the expansion of the program, it is now available to all guests staying at any of Walt Disney World Resorts (Updated 5/16/18). A front desk cast member will also have to activate an extension to the Lyft app before you’re allowed to request a ride.

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Don’t think I’m crazy! There’s already a ton of walking at Disney, so why would someone want to add additional steps? Well, some people just like to walk and it’s much more peaceful than running full speed to catch the bus/boat/monorail before it leaves without you.

Did you know you can actually walk between Epcot and Hollywood Studios? It will take you about 30 minutes (if you don’t stop to admire everything along the way) and the route is so peaceful. The path also connects to Walt Disney World Swan HotelWalt Disney World Dolphin HotelDisney’s Beach Club ResortDisney’s Beach Club VillasDisney’s Yacht Club ResortDisney’s BoardWalk InnDisney’s BoardWalk Villas, Disney’s Boardwalk, and more. I dare you not to stop at least once! 😉

The path connects to the International Gateway. I thought it was worth mentioning because if were expecting the path to take you to the main entrance, where the Epcot “Ball” is; it will not. If you want to visit the Showcase, then great! But, if your main purpose is to visit Future World (where we spend most of our time in Epcot), you may want to consider taking another mode of transportation because it will take additional time to make your way up there, but the Showcase is fun, so you may not mind the extra time.

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