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We Tried to Make Disney Copycat Churros…And Failed Miserably

April 16, 2018

Ok, so maybe miserably is a little bit over-dramatic because they weren’t inedible, but it was definitely a lot harder than it looked. One thing is for sure, you won’t be seeing our Churros in any Disney Park…

The recipe


There are many copycat recipes out there,  but I chose this specific one because it comes right from the Disney Parks Blog. You can’t any more Disney than that!

I thought that I would have to go to the store for something, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that everything I needed was right in my kitchen already.

You mean, I could have been making Churros all along?

I have listed the Ingredients and Instructions below, but if you’d like, go ahead and view the entire article on the Disney Parks Blog.


Our attempt to make Churros


I got all my ingredients out and placed them where I could grab them as I needed them.

Following the instructions, I placed the water, salt, and butter in a pot and let it go to a rolling boil. So far, everything was going as expected…


Still going as planned…the flour was mixed in and it rested while I emptied the dishwasher.

Maybe this is where it got a little mixed up. I really don’t know… The eggs did make the mixture a little looser than the ball of dough was to begin with, but it was still very thick. I wasn’t sure if letting it sit a little longer than the recommended 5 – 7 minutes made a difference (a mother’s job is never done!) but I was following the instructions, so I figured it must be the way it’s supposed to be.

I filled my piping bag and chose the widest tip that I thought most resembled a Churro. I had no reason to think that what happened next would happen…

As soon as I started to attempt to pipe my first Churro, the bag popped! Churro guts were getting everywhere!

I attempted to save whatever mixture I could, even if I didn’t have any more piping bags. I slit a gallon sized ziplock bag and slipped the attachments onto the bag. The dough was so thick, I couldn’t get any of the dough to go through the tip. What was I to do?


I took the tip off and attempted to make big round Churros. But, even that proved to be difficult. Even with the hole being large, pushing the dough through the bag was no easy task.

The bag kept popping in random places, so all I could do was duct tape the holes and try to get this whole mess over with as quickly as possible.


They looked nothing like the beautifully straight Churros you find in the Disney Parks. They were not pretty at all… The more they cooked, the more they looked like…well, you can guess what they looked like.

I hoped that the cinnamon sugar goodness would make them more appealing.


But, I’ll let you be the judge…


How did they taste?

Well, they weren’t Disney Churros, that was for sure…but they weren’t horrible. I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but in this case, it did taste better with the chocolate sauce than without it. Perhaps if they were a little crispier, they would have been better, but they certainly weren’t terrible tasting.

Will I try to make them again?

As of right now, I’m going to say that is a big fat NO! It may change in the future, but the mess is not something that I am willing to take another shot at right now. Perhaps I can redeem myself with another Recipe in the near future… 😉

Have you ever tried to make Churros and how did they turn out?

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