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Captain America S’mores Dip

July 4, 2020

I’ve seen these recipes for s’mores dip all over the place for years.

But, when your house is filled to the brim with Avengers “stuff”, you embrace it. Being the only girl in a house full of boys, I’ve gotten used to the fact that my life revolves more abound Superheroes than Princesses.

And since the Avengers basically take over my house, it just makes sense that they take over my snacks, as well.

Captain America S'mores Dip

S’mores dip uses all the same standard ingredients that a regular s’more has. But, to give it that Captain America feel, I added something special.

All I added to the traditional recipe was red sugar crystals and blue sprinkles. Why blue sprinkles over sugar crystals? Well, that simply has to do with poor planning on my part. 

I thought I had both red and blue sugar crystals at my house. Turns out, I didn’t…

While I didn’t quite get the look I was going for, my boys still thought it was pretty cool. My youngest even told me that this S’mores Dip was even better than a regular s’more. So, the reviews speak for themselves.



Kid Tested, Captain America Approved

Chocolate bars lined in a glass container for Captain America S'mores Dip

Line your container with chocolate

You will be heating the chocolate and the marshmallows in the oven. So, the first thing I would do is to make sure that whatever container you’re using is oven-safe.

We have some oven-safe glassware, so I lined it with all the chocolatey goodness. The amount you use will be based on how large your container is. I ended up using 3 chocolate bars.

Captain America S'mores Dip - lined with marshmallows and colored sugar

Line Up Your Marshmallows and Top With Sugar Crystals

The regular sized marshmallows work well for traditional s’mores. But, in this case, they seemed way too big for my container. So, I ended up cutting my marshmallows in half.

This ended up working in my favor. Since the inside of the marshmallows are insanely sticky, I was able to place the red sugar crystals on without worrying they’d all fall to the bottom of the dish, completely ruining what I was going for.

Captain America S'mores Dip - served with graham crackers and Captain America, of course...

Oven Time!

I pre-heated my oven to 450 Degrees and baked it for 7 minutes.

I admit, I had my doubts on how long they were in the oven. But, it ended up being perfect. They were in just long enough to melt everything, without the marshmallows expanding too much or burning.

I kept debating on the blue sprinkles, which is why I didn’t add them until after the dip was done baking. But, it’s not Captain America-themed without a little red, white, and blue incorporated in there somewhere.

So, I sprinkled what little Blue Sprinkles I had left before serving it to my boys. Of course, they all settled in the crevices between the marshmallows. But, they understood the intent.

Once it cools down a little, serve with graham crackers and watch your kids’ faces light up.

Captain America S'mores Dip

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We don’t cook very often. But, when we do, you know it’s going to be Disney-themed. Not being local to the Theme Parks, we gotta get our Disney treat fix somewhere.

I’m just glad I’m better at planning Disney vacations than I am at cooking.

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