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Reasons You’ve Gotten Funny Looks: Telling Fans Why You Don’t Go To Disney World

September 1, 2017

There are many reasons why guests decide to NOT go to Disney World. I don’t fault them. If you don’t like Disney or don’t want to go to, that’s completely up to you. But, if you’ve ever told a Disney fan any of these reasons why you won’t go to Disney World and they give you a funny confused look, these might be the reasons why.


Disney is just for kids

This is probably the biggest reason I hear regarding why guests don’t go to Disney World. In fact, someone that I have known for years actually said the exact same thing to me not too long ago. We were telling him about our upcoming plans and hypothetically saying that he and his family (including a 12 year old) should come with us sometime. He told us that his son was too old for Disney. Too old? I’m 35 and I’m not too old for Disney, so how can a 12 year old be too old? I know couples who do not have kids yet and they visit the parks at least once per year. It is also a popular place for newly married couples to spend their honeymoon. Walt Disney’s dream was to create a place where families can spend time together…a place where adults could have as much as children do. So don’t worry, if you’re an adult, there are PLENTY of things for you to do, as well.


We can’t afford Disney

One of the main reasons for this blog is to tell you that you CAN afford a trip, as long as you get creative. We make a modest income. If we relied on income alone, we probably wouldn’t be able to go to Disney often, either. But, by being creative, we were able to pay for our vacation using “found” money. We get to keep all of our paychecks AND go to Disney. We’re Going To Disney World For Free!


Disney is just an amusement park

Disney is NOT “just an amusement park.” In fact, Disney World is over 40 square miles big, approximately the same size as San Francisco. Disney World is made up of 4 Theme Parks, 2 Water Parks, Disney Springs, Boardwalk, and countless activities that goes on outside of the parks. Don’t tell a die-hard fan that Disney is “just an amusement park.” You’ve been warned.4172165335_c2e325fc03_z

There are too many people

Sure, there’s still going to be people whenever you go, but simple things like getting to the parks early, avoiding parks with Extra Magic Hours, and going off-season are a few ways to experience Disney with lower crowd levels. Another tip to wait out the rain. As long as there is no lightning, everything runs as usual. Go see a show or slip into a shop for a few minutes. Once the rain lets up, you’ll be surprised at how many people have left. You will have a little bit of time to experience a less crowded park while everyone else is waiting to hop on a bus to come back to the park. Have Water Park tickets? You’ll be getting wet anyway, so why not go on a few slides. This is how we did Typhoon Lagoon in 2 Hours! No one was there!


We have food allergies/dietary restrictions

I have never seen anywhere else who go out of their way as much as Disney does. I’ve seen chefs come out from the kitchen to ensure that everything is safe for guests with allergies to eat. If a cast member finds out that I’m Vegetarian, they go out of their way to ensure that no animal product touches my food. If you have a dining reservation, you may want to call ahead of time to let them know that you will be arriving with guests who have allergies. They will be grateful for the heads up.


If you don’t want to go to Disney, that’s completely up to you. I won’t even try to talk you into it. That just means they’l be more Dole Whips, Fastpass+, and Dining Reservations for the rest of us. 🙂

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