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How We Did Typhoon Lagoon In 2 Hours

February 26, 2017

Yes, you read that correctly. We were able to do it all in 2 hours. We rode every ride…some of them multiple times. It was completely awesome!


We could not have picked a better time to go. Like many people before me, we had planned out what parks we would visit on certain days. But, what happens when you wake up to the sound of rain hitting your window?

Well, in our case, we stick with the plan and we go to Typhoon Lagoon!

Unless there is lightning in the area, all of the rides tend to remain open, so a little rain wasn’t a dealbreaker for us. We were going to be wet anyway. Luckily, the rain wasn’t too bad and it basically just sprinkled all morning.


We got to there when it opened, which during the “slow” season is 10 am. The rain had cooled the air a little bit, but that didn’t bother us. Growing up in the north, I recall many Memorial Day weekends and summer days, swimming when the weather was as low as the 60’s…just because we could.There’s only have a couple months a year where the weather is decent enough to swim, so if the pool is open, you swim.

This worked to our advantage. Look at this view…it was amazing. It was almost like we had the whole park to ourselves.

We had a blast! The boys pretended to be getting eaten alive by a giant shark, as boys do. And we literally just went slide to slide, getting on as soon as we climbed to the top. They especially loved the Crush ‘N’ Gusher. They had so much fun that we kept going on over and over. My legs were so sore! At one point, I chose to go to the longer line, just to get a breather. And by longer line, I mean I chose the line with 3 people ahead of us. Dragging double tubes up flights of stairs is a killer! Seriously, Disney needs to get a conveyor belt for those things.

By far, the longest line of the day was the line to swim in the Shark Reef. The salt water was cold, but it was also the most unique experience we had that day. I was so sad to hear that they have decided to shut down Shark Reef to make room for a new water ride. I definitely would have done this again.

I don’t know whether it was the salt water or the cold, but my underwater camera decided to poop out on me halfway across the pool. I was still able to capture a few pictures of some cool fish and sharks beforehand. Although, I admit, between the glare from the water and the goggles, I had absolutely no idea what I was taking. I just kept clicking in hopes that I would capture something decent.


After a few hours, the drizzling finally stopped and the sun came out. It was getting busy…fast…so that’s when we decided to leave. We had done everything that the park had to offer, in record time. I am so glad that we stuck with our plans.

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