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Buy These Items Before Leaving For Your Disney Vacation (So You Don’t Pay More Later)

August 27, 2017

As fun as it is to buy souvenirs on vacation, there are many things that you can buy BEFORE you leave that will not have any effect on your fun…and less effect on your wallet. And we’re not talking about toothbrushes and toiletries…

Here are the most common items you buy in the park that you should buy before you leave for your vacation

glow-stick-693833_640 (1).jpg


Nighttime shows at Disney are like no other. You have lights, fireworks, water walls, etc. Sure, Made With Magic Hats, Headbands, and Wands are synced up to glow and shine in sync with the show, but how does spending at least $15 on a Glow Wand make that experience any more special? In my opinion, it doesn’t. The Dollar Store has Glow Sticks, wands, and sometimes even glow jewelry. If you are feeling especially generous, you can get a large pack on Amazon and hand them out to children during parades and shows. This year, we found some battery operated glow wands at Target for just $1, in with the 4th of July Decorations. Now we can use them multiple nights and I spent just $1 per person.

Autograph Books

An Autograph Book is another item that can easily be made or bought for a lot less than what they’re being sold for in the parks. We use a spiral bound book, the size of index cards, that my kids decorated themselves. But, you can get creative and have characters sign pillow cases, photo matting, or anything else you can think of. Check out alternatives to the Autograph Book



Unless you go to Disney a lot, buying cheap, disposable ponchos before you leave is a good way to save money. Sure, they’re not the most comfortable things to wear and you end up feeling like a bag of microwavable vegetables after you’re in the heat for too long, but it’s much better than walking around in wet clothes for hours. I should know…I accidentally dropped my shorts in a puddle while I was changing out of my bathing suit during a school trip to Canada’s Wonderland when I was in Junior High. I was miserable! No more wet clothes for me!


Portable Fans

Nothing gets a family crankier than when they are HOT! Portable Fans to the rescue. Of course, you don’t have to get a Disney themed fan, but when in Rome…right?? If you can’t find them in the store, there’s always Amazon. Is there nothing they don’t sell?



If you have small children, buying little “souvenirs” before you leave could be the best option. Not only will you most likely spend less, you won’t have to spend time waiting in another Disney line. And your little one will be so happy they have a new toy, they don’t care where it comes from. I like to check clearance racks, Amazon, and even the Dollar Store before we leave.



If you like Pin Trading, buying a lanyard before you leave could be a good money saver. Any lanyard will do, so get creative. Many would also suggest purchasing pins from Ebay and other “reputable” buyers is a good way to save money. They are definitely less expensive than purchasing them in the park, but that is for one obvious reason. Many of these pins, while they look pretty good, are actually fakes. So, if you like to do Pin Trading, keep this in mind because if you give them a Real Disney Pin, you may end up choosing a fake one to replace it. But, if you don’t care about the value and you trade for the fun of it, then by all means…Trade Away!


Are there other items you buy before your trip that you normally would have bought in the parks?

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