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Hurricane Harvey Go Away

August 24, 2017

Unfortunately, it’s looking like we’re going to get some of the nasty weather, as a result of Hurricane Harvey (Shhh…don’t tell the family…they worry). We’ve only been in Houston for a few years and so far, we’ve been very lucky. It looks like we picked a good area. I feel like we live in this little bubble where everything seems to avoid us, so we’re hoping the trend continues. Floods…tornadoes…we haven’t experienced any of it :). But, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, today we went out to get a few things…just in case.

I tried out a couple different ways to avoid the hectic crowds of people, and I succeeded at not spending time in any lines!

If you are in need of supplies, I highly suggest using these Apps/Services

Sam’s Club Scan & Go

You may remember a past post of mine where I talked about Scan & Go. There has never been a better time to use it. The store was PACKED! It was so busy, hubby wanted to stand in the cash out line while I grabbed what we came for (no offense, but that drives me crazy!) But, since I have the Scan & Go App, we didn’t even have to get in line AT ALL. We scanned our items as we placed them in the cart, paid just as quick as we scanned, and headed for the exit. Just make sure you have your phone out and the bar code is visible.



Supplies are selling out fast, so what we couldn’t get at Sam’s, I was able to purchase through Instacart. There are other delivery services, but I decided to try Instacart because they only require a minimum of $10 and if you’re a first time customer, you get Free Delivery. Due to the hurricane, deliveries are going fast, so act quickly. The earliest I could get my delivery is for tomorrow around noon, but since the weather isn’t expected to be bad until tomorrow night, noon works for me. And while I’m not looking to profit off of a disaster, I’m not sure if you can get a $10 discount any other way (I got Free Shipping, but the $10 Credit was not available for me). If you use my referral, they are stating that you can get Free Shipping and $10 off (although I believe a $35 order is required for this.) Honestly, I just want everyone to be safe and get the supplies they need for the next few days. If you can get $10 off your order without it, by all means…go for it!

As a bonus, if you do Swagbucks, you can also earn 1% Cash Back when you go through Swagbucks Shopping.

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