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Losing Weight Is Helping Me Pay For My Vacation

July 13, 2017

Whenever I prepare for an upcoming trip to see Mickey, I like to go on (what I affectionately call) a Disney Diet. Even though I feel like I’m on my feet all day long, I don’t walk 10 miles a day, so I feel like I need to prepare myself for all the walking. And lets face it…I want to look good for all the pictures. 🙂


I know I’ve spoke of DietBet in the past, but I have found that it has been a great way to add to my Vacation Fund.

Doesn’t it cost money?


What I’ve won since April 2017

With any Bet, you do need to put some money into a pot to start off, but as long as you do what is asked of you, you win. You’re betting on yourself, so only you choose whether you win or lose. Just use the same initial investment over and over again. And once you’re done, withdraw your money and return the initial investment to your bank account. **I believe you are allowed to do up to 3 bets at a time. This would be a wonderful way to add a lot more money to your Vacation Fund. Lose the weight once and get 3 winnings!**

I started out with $25 of my own money. (I still can’t get myself to go for the higher stakes) Once I win a bet, I reinvest the same $25 into another bet and withdraw the extra winnings.

Since April 2017, I’ve added $44.83 to my Vacation Fund for something I was already doing anyway.

Shop Target to save more

I save a lot by purchasing Disney Gift Cards at Target. You know that money I won with DietBet? I took that money and an additional $2.67 I earned from other Money Saving ways like my Grocery Apps, spare change, etc… and I purchased a $50 Disney Gift Card with my Target REDcard Debit.

The benefit? I save 5% when I use my REDcard Debit. And whenever I scan my Cartwheel App at Checkout, I earn points towards my Target Perks. I’ve earned many perks just for purchasing Disney Gift Cards to pay off my trip, including the shirt I used to make my son’s Expedition Everest Shirt.



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