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Decorating Our New Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Albums

July 14, 2017

My boys(my oldest son especially) love playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. As soon as we get to the Magic Kingdom, the first thing he wants to do is get his daily pack of cards on Main Street USA. It just blows me away at how much money people sell these cards for online. If you’re in the Magic Kingdom, they’re Free!


As you can see, no matter how we stored them, some cards started to bend at the corners or get wrinkled. So, we decided it was time to get an album. It would also be a lot easier to see what duplicates we have. However, finding one that was small and had enough spaces proved to be a little bit of a challenge. The ones I was finding were either too large, was meant to hold way more cards than what I needed, or they didn’t have enough slots for all 70 Cards in the set plus Special Cards for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I had to look for a little while, but, we finally found one.

This album is not only small, but it also holds up to 80 cards. And at around $10, the price is right. Be on the lookout, though. Amazon is known to change their prices often. When I bought this, it was just $6.

As soon as the albums arrived, my son got out his stack of cards and got to work arranging them in order. Cast Members are stationed on Main Street USA with their book ready to trade with you, so he didn’t have as many duplicates as he thought. He had already traded a lot of them during out last trip.

IMG_6155 (Edited)


The Cover

No offense to the company that makes these albums, but the logo on the front was…less than Magical. I needed a way to decorate it, while also completely covering the logo up. It sounded like an easy solution, but as I looked through my vinyl, I realized that NOTHING I had matched that navy blue cover. AHHH! I looked over and over and finally found a scrap of white vinyl and some gray vinyl that might work. I think a trip to the craft store may need to happen sometime in the near future.


I downloaded an image of the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom logo and after cleaning the image up a little, I saved it to Cricut Design Space. With just a click of a button, my Cricut cut everything out for me.

Since I didn’t have that much white vinyl left, I decided to use it to cover the Logo and I would just cut out some gray letters to go over it.

This project gave me a little more frustration than I thought it would, but I actually like how it turned out.


My boys can’t wait to put these to use!

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