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Keep Your Kids Reading All Summer Long

June 26, 2017

How would you feel if I told you that your family get access to thousands of books, and it wouldn’t cost you anything? Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?


I actually found Epic! years ago when I was still teaching back home. Educators get access to all of the books for FREE, but since I worked at a daycare, I wasn’t sure if I would qualify. But, I decided it was worth a try.  Much to my surprise, they accepted my place of employment and I signed up for my FREE Membership. Yay!





While I’m not sure of the exact rules, I would assume that if I was able to get the free account, if you run a home daycare, you are a nanny, or you homeschool, you may also qualify as an Educator. It’s worth a shot, anyway.



My Boys LOVE Big Nate

What to expect

It’s great because you can customize your account for each child. They, then, choose as many categories as they like in their age group. However, I told my kids to click almost every category because “you never know where you will find a book that you want to read.” Kids also earn Badges along the way to help keep their interest.



Epic! also has age-appropriate videos for your children to watch. My son said that he has seen the same videos on YouTube. But, truth be told, I prefer that he watch them on Epic! because sometimes not-so-appropriate commercials and videos can pop up from time to time. Again, they can choose different categories to suite their interests.


Perfect for Traveling

Epic! is perfect for traveling! Before you leave for vacation, find some books that your child would like to read and click “Read Offline”. It does use up space to download on your device, but your child will be able to read the books in entirety without wifi…making it perfect for reading on the plane or on a road trip.

What are you waiting for? Lets get reading!

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