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The Best Way To Explain Pandora’s Flight of Passage Rider Seat

June 25, 2017

The Best Explanation I’ve Seen Yet!

There has been a lot of publicity surrounding Pandora’s Flight of Passage Rider Seat lately. Because of this, Disney has placed a Seat outside the ride, so guests can sit and test the it out before deciding to stand in line for hours. There also appears to be a cast member ready to answer questions and “activate” the safety restraints to get the full experience.

While I have seen many videos talking about the Seat, I believe this to be the best explanation out there. It explains exactly how to sit and what you’ll experience as the safety bars are locked into place.

UPDATE: Flight of Passage was awesome! And just like I predicted, the seat from Flight of Passage and the seat from Motocoaster are pretty much identical. I did not feel restrained, even though there were leg restraints behind both of my knees and another restraint against my back. We had a fastpass+, so we were lucky enough to bypass a 110 minute line! Get those fastpasses+ ASAP!

While I have yet to ride Flight of Passage (Sept can not come fast enough!), there is a ride back home called the Motocoaster, at Darien Lake in Upstate NY, with a similar seat and similar back and leg restraints. As awkward as it looks, I can say from experience that it is not at all uncomfortable. I have never felt “squished” and even though there is a leg restraint behind my knee, I can wiggle my legs to get the most comfortable position. Even someone as small as my 11-year-old feels comfortable and secure in a seat like this.

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