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Vegan and Vegetarian Dining At Disney

July 1, 2017

Typically, I don’t care to eat out. It’s terribly expensive and I spend way too much time looking at the menu, trying to find something that doesn’t have meat in it. I love salad, but why would I go out to eat when I can make myself a garden salad at home for a lot less?

Luckily, this is not a problem I have when I go to Disney World. No matter where I go to eat, I always find something to eat BESIDES a salad. I swear, I leave my vacation weighing 10 pounds heavier from all the delicious food!


Just look for the little green V in the menu to find vegetarian options. For vegan options, ask for substitutions for egg, dairy, and honey. If you have questions regarding whether something is vegan or not, just ask.

Disney is the most accommodating place I’ve ever been to! I asked if an item could be excluded from one of my meals at the Pop Century Food Court and the chef personally walked out to greet me with my food to make sure that everything was safe for me to eat.

I’ve excluded things at restaurants before and this was the first time that the chef actually came out to greet me and ask if everything was ok. It caught me completely off guard…in a good way.


If you’d like to check out the menus ahead of time, I recommend this link. AllEars does a great job updating to keep up with the most recent menus. They also let you know the last time each restaurant was updated. This is actually the link that I send my clients when they are trying to figure out what restaurants they want to visit. I can certainly give my own recommendations, but I know the food I like to eat may not necessarily be yours, and vice versa. This way, you have all the options that are out there.

So, what were my favorite meals?

I thought the Black Bean Burger was very good at Restaurantosaurus, in Animal Kingdom. It was very busy when we went, since it’s a Quick Service Restaurant, so we grabbed a table as soon as someone was getting up. But, despite everything, I loved my burger and we had fun looking around at all the items they had displayed.

I also enjoyed my Caprese Flatbread at Pinocchio Village Haus, in Magic Kingdom. Normally, I’m normally not a fan of tomatoes, but I really enjoyed my meal. It’s also a Quick Service Restaurant, so seating was hard to come by. We split up, so one person ordered the food while the other one looked for seating. That worked out for us because as soon as our food was ready, a family was leaving and we were able to sit down.

I also got a Caprese Sandwich at Landscape of Flavors in Art of Animation. I don’t know what they do differently than other places, but I really enjoyed my sandwich. I was so full by the time I finished eating. Since we were eating at the resort during the middle of the day, when people are normally walking around the parks, seating was plentiful. It was the most relaxing meal we had because we had a whole section to ourselves.

Speaking of Landscape of Flavors, I also enjoyed the “Create Your Own Pasta” station. Unfortunately, this time wasn’t as relaxing as the time we had lunch at Art of Animation. It was still pretty easy to find a place to sit, but they were busy. Because you are customizing your pasta, it does take a little bit longer to get your food than if you go through a line where everything is already made. My family had already gotten their dinner and had started to eat and I was still waiting for my food. It didn’t help that there was a woman who went up and grabbed plates of food off the counter. I’m not sure whether she thought they were there for anyone to take or she thought that the plates were hers, but the Cast Member apologized for my inconvenience as they remade my pasta. By the time I finally got my dinner and sat down, my family was finishing up their meal. Despite all that, the pasta was really good and filling and I would get it again (if the Food Court isn’t busy).

I’m looking forward to finding new Vegetarian meals on my next trip. Are there any meals that are on your “must eat” list? is not authorized or endorsed by, or officially connected with The Walt Disney Company, or any of their affiliates. For official Disney information, visit

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