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Our Review Of Reunion Resort For Families Looking For Space, Comfort, And Value

June 25, 2022

We just got back from our latest trip to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. But, this trip was a bit different. We rented a vacation home in Reunion Resort, instead of staying at a Disney Resort.

Why? For the first time, we were traveling as a family of FIVE. And while we absolutely adore the Disney Resorts, we knew that traveling with an 8-month-old would require something we normally don’t need during our trips to Orlando…a separate sleeping space for a baby.

But, did it meet our needs for more space, home-like comfort, and at a price we were comfortable with?

Our 3 Bedroom Condo

The unit we booked is a 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom condo in the Bear’s Den area of Reunion Resort.

Along with the beds and baths, we had a full kitchen, a beautiful balcony, and a washer and dryer. They also don’t charge you for parking, which was a nice perk.

Overnight Parking at Disney and Universal Studios Resorts range between $15 – $28 per night, depending on where you stay. Since we had planned on renting a van anyway, this was instant savings we could apply elsewhere.

And while I can’t find the exact square footage for our particular layout anywhere, I’m estimating that it’s somewhere around 1400 – 1600 square feet.

It was perfect. You couldn’t fit more than 2 people in the kitchen without bumping into one another. But, the living areas and the bedrooms were a good size. There was plenty of room for all of us to have our own space, without feeling like we were on top of each other.

And with a drive time of approximately 30 minutes to Universal Studios and 20 minutes to Walt Disney World, the location was great, as well.

Traveling With A Baby

The main reason we booked this condo was so we didn’t disturb the baby when he was sleeping. If you’ve ever tried to sneak into a room while a baby was sleeping, you’d understand why we wanted more space.

But, the absolute lifesaver was the addition of a complimentary pack-and-play and high chair. These were already in our unit, so we didn’t need to ask for them. We also found 2 umbrella strollers in the kids’ bedroom closet, as well.

We had already rented a stroller through Kingdom Strollers, so we didn’t use these. At just 8 months old, our youngest isn’t ready for umbrella strollers anyway. But, I love that they have them for anyone who may have forgotten theirs.

Not all rentals have complimentary baby items. So, if it’s important you have them, be sure to pay attention for that little detail.

However, even if your preferred rental doesn’t already provide these items, you can rent them, along with other items you may need on your vacation.

Themed Bedrooms!

There’s no shortage of vacation rentals in Orlando. So, in order to stand out, you’re seeing more places create themed rooms, in order to attract potential clients.

This particular unit had a Star Wars themed kid’s room. Reunion Resort listed this room as having 2 twin sized beds in this bedroom. But, these are actually full beds, which actually worked out better for my older boys.

Along with the murals on the walls, there was also 2 wall mounted TVs, 2 xbox game systems (with 4 controllers), and twinkling “stars” on the ceiling, which is controlled with a light switch.

Our Experience In The Condo

There’s very little to complain about with this unit. The bed in the Master Bedroom was very comfortable. And if I could have brought that master bathroom home with me, I would have. I still think of that shower every time I step foot into my itty bitty shower at home.

Everything was perfect, if you didn’t count the appliances. The top rack in the dishwasher fell each time we tried to pull it out. The fridge leaked a little from the ice machine. And the washer would occasionally skip the cleaning altogether and go straight to the rinse cycle. We felt like we had to babysit the washer until we were sure it was cleaning our clothes properly.

But, those were just a couple minor inconveniences in an otherwise fantastic condo. We were rarely there anyway, so it’s not like we were washing dishes and clothes all day long.

And please bear in mind that each unit is individually owned. So, your appliances will be different than what we had in our condo. At least, I hope so…

Reunion Resort Prices

With all of this space, the question is: How much does a place like this cost?

Obviously, price varies based on the time of the year you travel and the place you choose.

But, for our 7 night stay, right after Memorial Day in 2022, we paid $1244.05, after taxes and fees. There was no Travel Agent discount.

Balcony at Reunion Resort

Was It Worth The Price?

Instead of simply yelling “YES!,” I thought I’d let you know of our original plans.

We had planned to stay in a 2 Bedroom Suite at Universal Studios’ Endless Summer Resort. The Endless Summer Resorts are widely considered the most budget friendly Resort on Theme Park property. They’re even cheaper than the All-Star Resorts on Disney property.

And Universal Studios does give Travel Agent discounts, which I had planned on using. This was going to reduce the all-in cost to about $1400.

While their 2 Bedroom Suite does have 3 Queen Beds, 2 of the beds are in the main living area, and only the 3rd bed is in a dedicated bedroom. It was going to be a tight squeeze. But, that’s where the pack and play was going to go.

And despite being called a “suite,” it also doesn’t have a full kitchen or a balcony.

We would, however, have a picnic table to eat our meals at. It might sound strange to some. But, I consider this to be completely on-theme with the aesthetic of the Resort. And the bigger eating space is a step up from the small round table and 2 chairs you normally get in hotel rooms, if you’re lucky.

And yet, even with my discount, the Reunion Resort condo was cheaper. Although we lost out on perks, the added space for less money was absolutely worth it.

Balcony at Reunion Resort

Interested In Reunion Resort?

Because I enjoyed this Resort so much, I took the necessary steps to be able to share these wonderful condos and single family homes with you.

This brand new inventory not only includes properties in Reunion Resort, it also includes those in Champions Gate, Encore, Margaritaville, and so much more…

If you’re like my family, and want a little bit of luxury without the gigantic price tag, chances are, I’ve got the right property for you. Want a private pool? Themed bedrooms? A pet friendly vacation home? Yes, I have those too.

Have questions? Feeling anxious? Don’t know where to start? That’s where we step in.

We know what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do. We’ve done the training, we’ve made the mistakes, and have learned from them, And that’s what makes us the perfect people to help you.

From perfectly curated itineraries to direct access to your Travel Professional, our goal is to take the stress out of planning your vacation.

Simply fill out whichever form works better for you, and we’ll discuss your options. is not authorized or endorsed by, or officially connected with The Walt Disney Company, or any of their affiliates. For official Disney information, visit

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