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Ridiculously Easy Disney-Themed Travel Toothbrush Holders

June 16, 2020

It’s no secret that Walt Disney World is our favorite place to travel. But, our packing supplies (more specifically…our toothbrush holders) didn’t reflect how much we like to travel.

Despite traveling more than we used to, we were still using ziplock bags to carry our toothbrushes in.

Easy Disney DIY Travel Toothbrush Holders
Easy Disney DIY Travel Toothbrush Holders


Like I said, this DIY craft is ridiculously easy. You’re basically placing stickers on your toothbrush holder.

I have Cricut, so I cut out my own vinyl stickers.

But, you can easily purchase any vinyl sticker. Just make sure that the vinyl is made for waterbottles or it’s labeled as waterproof.

Vinyl sticks to plastic really well. But, I like to clean the surface with the Rubbing Alcohol to remove whatever dust or fingerprints may be left over from manufacturing.

The Perfect Font

Since I was making Disney-themed Toothbrush Holders, I wanted to cut out our names using my favorite Disney font.

Years ago, I found a fond called Waltograph. This is my go-to font for all of my Disney-themed crafts. If you’ve seen my post about how I made my own MagicBand Holder, you’ll notice that I used it here, too.

If you’re like me and like to be crafty, you need to download this font. I have found it on Mickey Avenue and Da Font.

I downloaded it from Da Font. And like other fonts I’ve downloaded from the site, it was extremely easy to use it on Cricut.

Vinyl Disney Characters on Travel Toothbrush Holders
Easy Disney DIY Travel Toothbrush Holders

Placing Our Disney Characters

No Disney craft is complete without adding your favorite character. But, with a very small area to work with (roughly 1″ x 1″), it was easier said than done.

Since I was using my Cricut, I’m actually pleasantly surprised how well Cinderella’s Castle and Spiderman came out. I certainly did not expect to get the results I did.

Final result on Travel Toothbrush Holders

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