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Disney Changes Policies on Stroller and ECV Deliveries

September 30, 2019

Planning to rent a stroller, wheelchair, or ECV for your next Walt Disney World vacation?

Walt Disney World is changing their policies again. But, the focus of this Policy change is Resort Delivery Services.

So, before reserving that much-needed stroller, you will want to read about the new policy change and how it may affect your next Disney trip.

Disney Changes Their Policies On Strollers and ECV Deliveries

Disney changes their policies on Strollers and ECV Deliveries

What is the Policy change?

The changes affect reservations made after October 1, 2019. After that day, items rented through outside vendors will no longer go to Bell Services.

Vendors will still deliver your items to the Resort. But, they will meet their Guests face to face for delivery.

Existing reservations that were made before October 1 will not need to make arrangements with the vendor. You will continue to pick up your mobility aid from Bell Services.

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Which Resorts will no longer use Bell Services?

The policy applies to all Resorts owned and operated by Walt Disney World.

Disney Springs Resorts, Hilton Bonnet Creek, Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Hotels, and The Four Seasons will continue to accept motility aids at Bell Services.

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How will Guests receive their rental strollers and mobility aids?

While I can’t speak for every company, as a Kingdom Strollers affiliate, I can speak on their commitment to make every Guest happy.

They are updating their website to reflect the Policy changes. At the time of reservation, you will choose a delivery time that works best with your schedule. But, Kingdom Strollers realize that plans change, so you will also easily be able to change your delivery time, if issues arise.

They are also adding features, like text alerts, so you know exactly where to receive your stroller.

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Why the Policy change?

While I can’t know exactly what Disney is thinking, we have a few theories.

Renting strollers and scooters from outside vendors is becoming increasingly more popular. The cheaper price and Free Delivery makes the decision of where to rent a no-brainer.

No doubt, this has been creating space and time issues for Cast Members who work at Bell Services. Finding space for scooters and signing in new arrivals takes time. And I think the increased amount of time it’s been taking to receive our luggage is a result of this.

And while I hate to even mention it, increased popularity in outside vendors means that less people are renting these items on Disney property. Of course, they could always reduce their prices to match their competitors.

But, it’s much easier to create a new policy, which makes renting from outside vendors a little more inconvenient.

And when vacation time is limited, Guests may choose to spend a little more money and rent in the Parks instead of walking to the Lobby at a specific time to pick up from a vendor.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and if this new Policy change will change your mind about where to rent your stroller, scooter, or wheelchair in the future.

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