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10 Reasons We Love Disney’s Pop Century Resort

May 15, 2019

Currently, Walt Disney World has 5 Value Resorts: The 3 All-Star Resorts (Sports, Movies, and Music), Pop Century, and Art of Animation.

We’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to stay at other Disney Resorts and we’ve absolutely loved them!

But, there’s something about Disney’s Pop Century Resort that keeps us coming back over and over again.

10 Reasons We Love Disney’s Pop Century Resort

10 Reasons We Love Disney's Pop Century Resort

1.) Brand Spanking New Refurbishment

We’ve stayed at Pop Century both before and after the refurbishment, so I can say with confidence that the changes that have been made to the rooms are a vast improvement over what was originally there.

Before the refurbishment, the rooms were fine for their intended purpose. But, they hadn’t been updated in awhile. And with the amount of Guests that come and go from the Resort on any given day, the rooms were showing their age and really in need of a refresh.

Now, there’s a Murphy Bed for additional floor space, added storage in the bathroom (this is huge since there wasn’t much before!), a complete design overhaul, and USB outlets…so many USB outlets!

The newly renovated rooms at Pop Century
A “Hidden Pluto” in the Murphy Bed
Renovated Rooms at Disney's Pop Century Resort
So much bathroom storage!
Fold up the Murphy Bed to reveal a handy table
Murphy Bed fold up to give you extra walking room…and a table

2.) Theming

Nothing says “Disney” more than giant Disney Characters at every turn.

Anyone can stay at a Hotel, but only Disney has that extra magic that makes Disney Resorts so special.

If you’re like me, you want to “feel like you’re at Disney” while you’re on your Walt Disney World vacation. It’s the whole reason I prefer to stay on Disney Property vs going off-site.

Giant Characters, Mickey ears, themed desserts…I want it all!

Roger Rabbit at Disney's Pop Century

3.) Nostalgia

The whole Resort revolves pays homage to the 1950’s – 1990’s.

This means that if you grew up in any of these decades, you’ll find your childhood represented in giant over-sized icons and memorabilia.

Facts are scattered throughout the Pop Century Resort in Walt Disney World
Facts are scattered throughout the Pop Century Resort.
Large over-sized icons are scattered throughout Disney's Pop Century
Large over-sized icons are scattered throughout Disney's Pop Century

4.) Transportation

I know what you’re thinking, “But, the buses from Pop Century are so overcrowded!”

I’ll agree with you on that one.

But, there’s still some things about the Buses that I like better at Pop Century than other Moderate and Deluxe Resorts.

One Bus Stop

Because Pop Century isn’t overly large, they only have one bus stop. While this does cause a crowd of Guests getting on and off the buses, it’s much easier and faster to get to the Parks.

Many bigger Resorts will have multiple bus stops within the Resort. All these additional stops adds up to a much longer bus ride to and from the Parks.

Also, if your stop is one of the last stops to get picked up, this almost always means you’ll be standing every single bus ride!

Queue it up!

But, surprisingly, what I love most about Pop Century’s Bus Transportation is the Queue. Shocking, right? Who likes standing in line?

At Moderate and Deluxe Resorts, there are nice waiting areas with benches to sit down and relax at.

Sure, they’re lovely! But as soon as the bus is within view, everyone stands up and rushes to the curb to wait for the doors to open.

For someone, like me, who is on the short side, situations like this usually result in getting pushed to the side or getting smacked in the face with a backpack.

So, I love that Pop Century has an actual line!

An orderly line means that the Guests who arrived first will board the bus first. And I don’t have to endure getting hit in the face.

Disney Transportation arriving to pick up Guests

5) Skyliner!

The Disney Skyliner is due to open Fall 2019 and one of the stations will be conveniently placed between Pop Century and Art of Animation.

I can not wait for the day when I will be able to step out of my hotel room and right onto one of those adorable Gondolas!

Disney Skyliner in progress between Pop Century and Art of Animation
Construction for the Disney Skyliner between Pop Century and Art of Animation

6.) There’s Always Something Fun To Do

If you like to go back to you Hotel and relax for awhile, then maybe Pop isn’t the right Resort for you.

I’m not saying that Pop Century is a big loud place and you’ll never get any rest. In fact, during our last stay, construction for the skyliner was actively underway. But, you never would have known it from inside our hotel room.

But, because there is so much activity going on in and around the Resort, you’ll just want to get out and experience it all.

The main pool, The Hippy Dippy Pool, often has music, games, and activities going on for all the kids, and kids-at-heart. If you stay til nighttime, you’ll also be able to watch “movies under the stars.”

If you’re feeling rather nostalgic, the lobby features a large number of collectibles that you could spend a good while looking at.

And while you’re over there, try some pin trading. There is a big pin board that you can trade pins from.

Decor at Disney's Pop Century

7.) Photo Ops

Instagram, anyone?

Get your cameras ready because Pop Century is filled with amazing opportunities to get some great pictures.

The colorful Resort makes the perfect backdrop, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get some great pictures of your family

…so much that you may find it hard to leave for the Parks without snapping a few pictures first.

Posing with Goofy at Disney's Pop Century
Snapping a few pictures before heading to the Parks in the morning

8.) Proximity To Art of Animation

When we stay at Pop Century, I almost feel like I’m getting a two-for-one special.

Because Art of Animation is so close, if the line to go back to Pop Century is too crowded, we hop on the Art of Animation bus instead.

It may not be for everyone since it will require extra walking. But, for my family, we prefer the walk back to Pop Century from Art of Animation than getting squished into a hot, sweaty bus.

If we don’t want to walk back to Pop Century right away, we may stop for a bite to eat, do some souvenir shopping, or take in the sights at this lovely Resort.

If you have a Cars, Finding Nemo, Lion King, or Little Mermaid fan, you’ll definitely want to check out the theming at Art of Animation!

Once the Skyliner opens, the ease of walking back and forth between the two Resorts may change, since the whole area is likely to get more crowded.

But, for now, we enjoy the nice leisurely stroll across Hourglass Lake.

View of Pop Century from Art of Animation
View of Pop Century from Art of Animation

9.) Fun For All Ages

Every Resort on Walt Disney World property is extremely family friendly.

But, Value Resorts have gotten the reputation of being “Kid Resorts” while Deluxe Resorts are most often thought of being “Adult-centered Resorts.”

But, Pop Century has something that every age range can relate to.

Kids love the giant characters, even if they have no idea who Roger Rabbit or Lady and the Tramp are. They’re just fun to look at.

Alternately, many of the oversized “props” strike up conversations with adults. And you don’t have to be a “die-hard Disney fanatic” to appreciate them.

Even if you’ve never had an 8-track cassette, a mood ring, Big Wheel, or the coveted Mickey Mouse phone, chances are, you know someone who did.

Giant Mickey Mouse Phone at Pop Century

10.) Price!

The best thing about Pop Century is that you get all of the above reasons (and more!) for a value price.

And compared to the other Value Resorts, I feel like you get the best bang for you buck when you stay at Pop Century.

The 3 All-Star Resorts are similarly priced, with their own great theming. But, much like the old Pop Century rooms, the rooms are getting tired and in much need of a refurbishment. Not to mention, there are times when they share a bus, which we mentioned before, creates a much longer trip to the Parks.

Art of Animation is a wonderful Resort, but with the majority of the Resort being made up of Family Suites, this bumps up the pricing. We’ve actually stayed at a Moderate Resort for less than the price of one of the Family Suites at Art of Animation.

In fact, the only Room at Art of Animation that is comparable to the Pop Century prices is the Little Mermaid Rooms. If you have an Ariel fan or Pop Century is all sold out (which does happen!), the Little Mermaid rooms would be my next choice at the Value Resorts. They’re just too cute!

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