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Everything You Need To Know About Disney’s Magical Express

March 20, 2019

Disney’s Magical Express is a magical Motorcoach ride from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Walt Disney World Property.

There are so many ways to get from the airport to your Resort. Of course, you can grab an uber or lyft. And for many families, renting a car is ideal. But, for many others (including my family) the Magical Express is easily the most convenient option.

Disney's Magical Express waiting at the bus stop at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Is Disney’s Magical Express really Free? Are there any hidden costs?

This is possibly the most frequently asked question. And Guests are always surprised to hear that Magical Express is 100% FREE

Drivers are allowed to accept tips. But, this is optional.

There are many reasons we always stay at a Walt Disney World Resort. And admittedly, the Magical Express is a huge reason we do. Aside from of our flights, we don’t have to pay for any other transportation costs.

And since it’s not often that we drive to Florida, we don’t have to worry about paying for overnight Parking Fees at the Resorts.

Walt Disney World Mural at MCO

Does Disneyland, in California, also have Magical Express?

Unfortunately, Disneyland does not offer this service.

Disney’s Magical Express is only offered to Guests flying to the Orlando International Airport (MCO).

Flying to Orlando, Florida

What happens if my plane gets in late?

Travel days can be stressful. Planes get delayed and cancelled all the time.

You will need to provide flight information when you book Disney’s Magical Express. So, if there is a delay of any kind, they will know.

Of course, we all want to get to Disney as soon as possible. But, Disney is extremely flexible and willing to work with every Guest to get them where they need to go. So, there’s no reason to worry you won’t get a ride.

Buses run continuously. So, there will always be a shuttle ready to take you to your Resort.

Line for Disney's Magical Express at the Orlando International Airport

Do I have to carry all of my luggage onto the Magical Express?

No. Disney can take care of that for you.

Once your balance is paid in full, a confirmation letter and yellow tags will arrive in the mail. You should also receive a Map of the Orlando International Airport. You can also visit their website, if that’s easier.

If you want Disney to handle the transportation of your luggage from the airport to your Resort room, attach the yellow tags to your luggage. If not, leave the yellow tags at home. The shuttle has plenty of storage to hold whatever luggage you have brought with you, including strollers.

Your luggage typically makes it to your room approximately 3 hours after you reach your Resort. So, if there is anything you will need right away, make sure you put it on your carry-on.

This includes your MagicBands. Cast Members at MCO can pull up your reservation through your reservation number. But, it’s much easier, and faster, if you have your MagicBand with you.

However, there is an exception

Luggage Delivery is available for Guests who arrive between 5 AM and 10 PM. If you arrive outside of that time frame, you will have to go to Baggage Claim to get your bags.

I do recommend using Luggage Delivery, if you arrive earlier in the day. There’s nothing better than heading straight to your shuttle.

But, if you have a later flight, I do suggest picking your luggage up at the airport.

Disney has many suitcases to deliver. And they can easily get backed up. So, even if you arrive before 10pm, it can be after midnight before you see your luggage again.

Tram at Orlando International Airport (MCO), on the way to the Magical Express
Tram at Orlando International Airport (MCO) on the way to Disney’s Magical Express

How long does it take to get to my Resort?

Like any transportation around Walt Disney World, you’ll want to leave plenty of time between landing and any plans you make for that day.

I recommend leaving at least 3 hours between the time you land and any fastpasses or dining reservation you make on arrival day.

If you’re landing at a popular time, there will almost always be a line to check in. But, not to worry, there are plenty of buses.

Buses leave approximately every 15 minutes. So, even if there is a crowd, chances are you’ll get onto a bus right away.

But, even if you’re able to board right away, you’re still looking at a 20 – 30 minute drive ahead of you. The buses can also have up to 3 different Resorts on your shuttle at a time. If your Resort is the last Resort on the route, you may be on the bus for close to 1 hour. And that’s with good traffic.

Magical Express pickup at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

How do I make my Reservation?

If you hired a Travel Agent who specializes in Disney, then this is a step you don’t have to worry about. I make sure that all my Guests have a reservation before they leave for their Vacation.

Planning your vacation by yourself? Here is the information you need! Have your Flight Information and Resort Confirmation Number ready when you make the reservation.

Reserve online: Disney’s Magical Express

USA and Canadian Guests: (407) 939-1936

UK Guests: 0800 16 90 730

Disney recommends reserving your Magical Express at least 30 days prior to your departure. But, if that isn’t possible, Disney can work with you to get you a ride.

Guests who book less than 30 days before their trip usually has their information sent to them via email.

You will not receive yellow tags. But, if you’d like Disney to handle your luggage, just submit your baggage claim ticket at the Magical Express desk and they will take care of the rest for you.

Magical Express Departure Notice

How do I find the Magical Express back to the Orlando International Airport?

While the ride to your Resort is called the Magical Express, the ride back to the airport is affectionately referred to in the Disney community as the Tragical Express.

The day before you check-out, the front desk will print out a letter and your plane tickets back home. They usually leave this on your door.

Unlike when you arrive at the Orlando International Airport, this letter will give you a specific Departure Time. You will need to hand this letter to the Bus Driver. You can not use your Magic Band this time around.

Your shuttle is usually scheduled approximately 3 hours before your flight. So, this will leave you with plenty of time to make it through security and last minute trips to the EarPort.

Luggage service

Just like arrivals, if you’d like to have Disney take care of your luggage, you can drop them off at the Airport Check-in area at your Resort.

You will need to show them your license and your plane tickets. So, be sure you have everything ready before you get there.

This is the last time you will see your luggage before arriving at your home airport. So, if there’s anything you’ll need, be sure to place it in your carry-on.

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