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Free Disney Movie Rewards Points – No Purchase Necessary!

November 26, 2018

How would you like to earn Disney Movie Rewards points for doing nothing more than sitting in your PJ’s and watching TV?

Well, now you can!

All you do is watch for a Bonus Code during the movie and enter that code on DMRHoliday.com.

So, for all you channel flippers out there – don’t change the channel or you may miss out on some Bonus Points.

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What can you earn points for?

There are so many Rewards to choose from. You can pick toys, movies, tickets, apparel, Disney experiences, etc. But, my favorite Reward is still the gift cards! They have designs I’ve never seen in the store before. And since I can get a super cute gift card for just 550 points, they help me pay off my vacations.

Yes, you can pay for your vacation using gift cards!

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Need extra bonus points?

Link Accounts

If you purchase movie tickets through Atom Tickets, link the two accounts for an automatic 50 Bonus Points!

Make sure you check your emails! I received a $5 Reward Code just the other day!

Fandango VIP and Regal Crown Club also give out 25 Points a piece for linking your account, so that’s 100 Points right away, just for linking all 3 of your accounts!


If you’ve seen any Disney Movies lately, make sure you’re telling Disney Movie Rewards about it. If you have already linked sites like Atom Tickets, Fandango, and Regal Crown Club, and bought your tickets online, your points should credit as soon as the credits roll at the end of the movie.

But, if you purchased them elsewhere, just take a picture of your movie stubs (with a code that Disney Movie Rewards will give you) and upload the picture. It takes a little longer to credit that way, but it’s free points!

We just saw Ralph Breaks the Internet last night! We loved it! And best of all, we got 300 DMR Points, just for watching the movie!

Have Disney Movies at home? Enter those codes and earn points automatically. You’ll be surprised how quickly those points add up.

Refer your Friends

Have a friend that doesn’t have Disney Movie Rewards, but think they’ll like it. Give them your link and earn 150 per friend that joins! What are friends for?


How do you like to earn your Disney Movie Rewards Points?

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