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Gift Giving Guide: Gifts To Give Someone Going On A Disney Vacation

November 24, 2018

It’s that time of year again. The time of panic when you don’t know what to get that special person. I may not be able to help you find the perfect gift for everyone, but I think I have a good idea of what a Disney fan wants…especially when they have a Disney Vacation coming up.

Here are some gifts to give anyone planning a Disney Vacation, no matter what the occasion is:

Gift Cards

Some say that giving a gift card is so impersonal, but I love getting them. And it’s especially great when they’re Disney Gift Cards. Since it’s the thought that counts and not what you’ve spent on them, save money by purchasing them at discounted prices from retailers like Sam’s Club, BJ’s, and Target. Or get them free by joining Swagbucks. They’ll never know that you didn’t pay full price!


Books and Travel Guides

Anyone who has ever planned a Disney Vacation will tell you that there is a lot to learn. I recommend these checking out these Travel Guides. They’re great, inexpensive tools and you only pay for the information you need. These are ebooks, though, so if you would rather give a physical book, Amazon has some great ones, as well. Click on a book title will bring you to the purchase link for more information.

Mickey Ears

It’s not Disney with out the Ears! Save your loved ones some money by giving them a pair before they get there. Etsy has some AMAZING ears by some talented people.


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Of course, Amazon also carries Ears. And they cost less than it’s equivalent at Disney

Magic Bands and Accessories

A special Magic Band would make a wonderful gift for anyone planning a Walt Disney World Vacation.

They can easily be linked to your reservation or tickets on My Disney Experience. And now Shop Disney has Magickeepers Lanyard Metals for those who do not like to use a Magic Band.

You just unscrew the center icon (puck) and attach it to a backpack, lanyard, diaper bag, etc… It’s perfect for young children who do not like to keep a Magic Band on their wrist for long.

When you book your Walt Disney World Vacation Package, your entire party are eligible to receive a solid colored Magic Band, with the color of your choice, for FREE. Questions regarding how to claim your free MagicBands and how to select that perfect color, can be sent via email.

Since many people have those solid colored MagicBands, Magic Band Skins are perfect for the crafty person in your life that like one-of-a-kind items. You can find hundreds of them on Etsy.

And don’t forget the BitBelts! They were originally created to keep FitBits on, but they also work great for Magic Bands. You’ll never have to worry about your Magic Band accidentally becoming unclasped on rides or while you’re swimming in the pool (they’re completely waterproof).

Trust me…after almost losing my MagicBand while waiting in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, I’ll never do Disney without my BitBelt again! (There is no affiliate link attached, nor am I being paid to endorse this product. I just REALLY like them! 🙂 )

Autograph Books

An autograph book is a wonderful gift for a first visit to Disney World, Disneyland, or a Disney Cruise. Of course, it doesn’t have to an actual Book. Characters will also sign other things like Pillowcases, shirts, and Photo Mats. If your loved one has mentioned wanting something for Characters to sign, save them a few dollars by getting them one ahead of time.

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Rain Poncho

How about a rain poncho? Let’s face it, it will rain at least once during their trip. Dollar Store ponchos are great, but a nice poncho can be worn over and over. This is great for friends and families that plan on traveling a lot.

And buying them ahead of time will save you half of what you will spend on property.



Who wouldn’t like a new shirt to bring with them on vacation? Find out their favorite character, ride, or attraction and give them a special shirt to bring with them.



Cast Members go out of their way to make children in costume feel extra special. Unfortunately, costumes in the parks are so expensive, so give them a costume to bring with them.



Lanyards are great for Disney. They make Pin Trading a lot easier, they can hold Gift Cards if it has an attached pocket, and they’re the perfect place to hold those MagicKeepers I was talking about. Add a few Trading Pins for an extra special gift.


Beach Towels are great for the Mermaid or Merman in your life. Shop Disney has some great towels, and some can even be personalized.

Give the Gift of a Vacation

0515ZV_2611EA_1-World of Disney

There may be that someone who has been dreaming and saving for a long time to go on that Magical Trip, but they never seem to have enough to make it there. Be their hero and give the gift of a Vacation.

There are deals that come out ALL THE TIME. And with the Magic Your Way Package, you customize everything, so you’re never paying for something you know you’ll never use.

Want to know how much a Disney Trip actually costs? Just fill out a Free Quote on Disney Solution to find out. It may be cheaper than you think.

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