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Discounted Disney Gift Cards With No Membership Needed

October 29, 2017

As you all probably know by now, one of my favorite ways to save on my trips is to purchase discounted gift cards. The problem with this is that sometimes you need to be a member or have a card of some sort in order to take advantage of the discount. And while that’s fine for some, it’s not always an option for others.

That’s why I love that BJ’s Wholesale Club offers everyone the same discount, whether or not you’re a Member. And better yet…FREE SHIPPING!

Want to save even more??

Make sure you do the math before you purchase that 3-pack. Purchasing a $100 Gift Card along with a $50 Gift Card is actually $5.01 cheaper than buying that 3-pack of $50 cards. $147.99 v $142.98 for the same amount in Gift Cards? You better believe I’m choosing the cheaper option!

2017-10-29 (2) So, how does BJ’s compare to other stores that offer discounted Gift Cards?

Sam’s Club and Target both give their customers great savings when it comes to purchasing discounted Gift Cards. But, unlike BJ’s, you must have a Membership Card to purchase Gift Cards in store AND online at Sam’s Club. And while Target doesn’t have discounts on their Gift Cards very often, if you have their Red Card Credit or Debit, you will always receive a 5% discount on your Gift Cards.

IMG_6780 (2)

Ready to start planning your vacation?

Remember, you don’t need all that money up front! For just $200, you can book your very own Disney Vacation Package. Take your time and pay on your own schedule. So, book those Advanced Dining Reservations and Fastpasses! As long as your package is paid in full 45 days prior to your trip, it’s all good.

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