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Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo

January 1, 2018

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season. I’m sorry the posts have been a little sparse this week, but I’ve been busy planning for 2018 and the future of Disney Solution. I know the “Behind the Scenes” stuff isn’t that interesting, so I won’t bore you with those details. But just know that it is all in the hopes of improving Disney Solution and growing the business that I love so much.

This week hasn’t been all business, though. In fact, we used the fact that there was no school to stay out late and have a little bit of fun at the zoo.

Zoo Lights


Ironically, the one thing you don’t see a lot of at the Zoo during Zoo Lights are the live animals. I get that the event goes late into the night, so the animals are probably accustomed to going back to their night houses once the sun goes down, but it would be nice to see the animals out at night and enjoying the cooler weather. My cousin always used to say that her favorite time to go to the zoo was when the weather turned cold. The animals are always more active and more fun to watch when they’re not dying of heat.


But, even with the lack of live animals to admire, the whole night was great. The boys and I loved walking around the Zoo. We have gone twice before, but seeing lights all around never seems to get old.


Each section of the Zoo had a different feel. Even the lighted animals got a different look as you walked though different areas. It’s so fun to walk through and see the decorations change.


There were millions of light, but the tunnels are definitely a popular spot. There was room to walk around these tunnels of light, but no one could resist walking through these. At one point, a line had actually formed, just to walk through the tunnel seen on the right.


Yup, we were a part of the line that waited to walk through. Luckily, the wait was just a few minutes and it was mainly due to guests wanting pictures taken of their loved ones, so they kept stopping to take the pictures.


This was another popular area for guests to take some fun pictures. It was a bit of a squeeze just to get by the crowd of couples waiting for a cute picture by the giant LOVE and friends taking selfies with this giant display of awesomeness in the background. Luckily, we got through without getting bumped around…too much.


Although these inflatables aren’t Holiday Lights, they still look pretty cool, don’t they? We were so busy looking up into the trees and at all the displays, it wasn’t until we got to this part of the zoo, we realized we were next to the Herzstein Trading Post (otherwise known as the ONLY place at the Zoo that sells Dole Whip!) If the line wasn’t so long, we would have gone in to see if they were still serving it during the Zoo Lights. Unfortunately, everyone walking out of the Trading Post only had Hot Chocolate in their hands, so we continued along our trail without any Dole Whip. 🙁


We were bummed to walk away without any Dole Whip, but all that changed as we rounded the corner and caught a glimpse at this gigantic tree! I mean, WOW! If only I had the room in my house for a tree like this… 😍

If you can’t already tell, we had a great time. The Zoo Lights will be going on until January 14, 2018, so if you’re in the area, you may want to check it out. Make sure you check for discounts! Although we do get a Member Discount, we found a coupon code that made our tickets cheaper than if we had used our Membership.

**If you have any string lights you do not need anymore, please consider bringing them to the Houston Zoo for recycling. A Recycling Bin is located at the Entrance, so you can just pop them in the Recycling Bin to keep them out of the Landfill.**

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