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Spoiler Alert: Minnie Vans Are Everywhere!

May 16, 2018

As the popularity of the Minnie Van continues to increase, Walt Disney World has decided to expand its service again. They have recently nearly doubled their number of Minnie Vans on the road, meaning they now have enough vehicles to service ALL Disney Resorts, including Swan, Dolphin, and Four Seasons Orlando!

Each vehicle can hold up to 6 passengers, and each vehicle is equipped with 2 car seats, meaning that even the littlest Disney Guest will have a safe ride to any Park or Disney Resort.

There is a flat $25 Rate, and each driver is employed by Walt Disney World through the Lyft App. Ask a Cast Member at the Resort Front Desk to help you get started, as they have to activate the extension before you’re able to request a ride. Once activated, open the app to access Minnie Van service, request a ride, and pay for it through the app. Cars are usually only a few minutes away.

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“But, there is Free Transportation in Walt Disney World. Why should I pay for a ride in a Minnie Van?”

The main reason Guests choose to order a Minnie Van simply has to do with Time.

Many Guests choose to use one of Disney’s Free Modes of Transportation, so during busy times, this may mean waiting for a 2nd or 3rd Bus, Monorail, or Ferry to come around before you are finally on your way to your destination. With a wait of approximately 20 minutes for that Vehicle to make it back, this is a lot of lost time just waiting around for a ride to a Park or back to your Resort. Minnie Vans are usually no more than a few minutes away, so you’re more likely to get to your Destination much faster than any other option.

Another reason Guests choose to use a Minnie Van is because it’s the only option if you’re in need of ride really early or you’re out and about late at night.

Buses, the Monorail, and Ferries do not run 24 / 7. While they do run hours after the Parks close, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you have an early Dining Reservation or you’re having so much fun that you lose track of time. When these options are no longer available, the Minnie Van comes to your rescue. They state that the Hours of Operation for the Minnie Vans are 6 30 AM to 12 30 AM, but they may run later than that, depending on Special Events going on.

For more information on Minne Vans or Free Transportation visit: or

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