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Save On Food With The Brand New Disney Dine Promo

January 5, 2023

Walt Disney World is starting off the new year off strong with the Disney Dine Promo. It’s the first promotion that Disney has released in 2023. And, considering the promotions we’ve had in the past couple years, it’s a pretty big deal.

The Disney Dine Promo should not be confused with the Disney Dining Plan, or the Free Dining Promotion that was popular many years ago.

We still don’t have any word on when, or if, the Disney Dining Plan will be returning. But, this new promotion does promise you something that we haven’t seen since before the 2020 closures.

And that’s the promise of “free” food at Disney.

What is the Disney Dine Promo?

Unlike previous promotions, you will not receive credits to pay for your food. This time around, you will receive a Disney Dining Promo Card, in others words, a Gift Card.

This Promo Card will be sent to you via email, by Disney Gift Card Services, and is what will be used to pay for your food and drinks.

Who Qualifies For This Offer?

In order to qualify for this promotion, you must:

  • Stay at a Disney Resort
  • Book a Disney Package with a 5 Day/4 Night minimum
  • Your Package must include a minimum of 4 Day Tickets
    • Park Hoppers are not required, unlike past offers that include free food

How Much Will I Receive?

For Arrivals Between 7/1 – 7/10 and 8/1 – 9/14$$ Value PER NIGHT (up to $750)
Value Resorts$50
Moderate Resorts and Cabins$100
Deluxe Resort and Deluxe Villa Resorts$150
For Arrivals Between 6/25 – 6/30 and 7/11 – 7/31$$ Value PER NIGHT (up to $750)
Value Resorts$35
Moderate Resorts and Cabins$75
Deluxe Resort and Deluxe Villa Resorts$125
Dole Whip Float at the Polynesian

Offer Details

Booking Begins:January 5, 2023
Arrival Window:June 25 – September 14, 2023

Excluded Locations

Locations that are unable to accept the Disney Dining Promo Card include:

  • Merchandise Locations and Candy Kitchens
  • The Swan, the Dolphin, and the Swan Reserve Hotels
  • Four Seasons Resort Orlando
  • Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels
  • Walt Disney World Official Hotels at Bonnet Creek
  • Dining locations at Walt Disney World Gateway Hotels

As with every promotion, there is a strict 1 promotion per Package rule. It’s possible that a room discount will come out at a later date. If that happens, you would have to decide if you want the Gift Card or the Room Discount. You can’t get both.

I have not yet seen any wording that indicates there is a limit with this offer. But, it’s possible that there will be a cap on how many Guests will receive these Gift Cards.

Summer is a busy time as it is. So, if this is a promotion that you’re interested in, I would recommend securing this deal by putting down a $200 deposit on a Disney Package. Disney doesn’t charge to modify your Package. And as long as you cancel before final payment is due, you get your money back.

Disney Gift Cards, used to pay for Disney Vacations.

Getting Your Disney Dining Promo Card

To make sure you’re not using this promotion just to get a free Gift Card, Disney will not send you the Disney Dining Promo Card until you arrive at your Disney Resort and complete check-in.

Once you’re at Disney, your Promo Card will be sent to the email associated with your Reservation. If you have multiple email addresses, please give your Travel Agent the email you want the Promo Card sent to.

If you don’t see it, check your spam folder. And if you continue to have issues, please go to the Front Desk for further assistance.

Using Your Promo Card

Save to phone

When you receive your Promo Card, save it to your apple wallet/google wallet. This will give you quick access to it, so you’re not constantly searching through your emails. You can also visit the front desk Lobby and ask for a printed copy.

Once you receive your Disney Dine Promo Card, you can use it at participating locations just like you would use a Gift Card.

You’ll be able to use it to buy meals, snacks, treats and beverages at Quick Service, food carts, kiosks and Table Service Restaurants. You can even use it with Mobile Ordering at Quick Service locations.

The digital Disney Dining Promo Card cannot be applied to charges on a Resort hotel folio. This means that if you plan on using your MagicBand to pay for purchases while you’re on vacation, you will be responsible for any food related items you charge this way. You can not go to the front desk later and pay off this portion with the Promo Card.

If you ever want to know how much is left, always look at the bottom of your receipt. It is always printed at the bottom. You can also check your balance on or call (877) 650-4327.

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