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Brand New Star Wars Merch Selling Out Quickly

May 4, 2020

May 4th may be the official Star Wars Day. But, for many Star Wars fans, every day is Star Wars Day.

While the release of the limited release Star Wars Key is highly anticipated, there is far more merchandise Star Wars fans can’t wait to get their hands on.

Brand New Star Wars Merch Selling Out Quickly

Virtual Waiting Room

Star Wars Day May the 4th Enjoy our new virtual waiting room available on the shopDisney.com website for the best chance to purchase your May 4th collectibles (not available on App).

It’s no secret that ShopDisney has been working overtime. With stores and the Parks being closed right now, ShopDisney is the only place to get official Star Wars merch right now.

The additional traffic has been slowing the site down. So, shopDisney is implementing a virtual waiting room to help with the buying process.

Travel Agents are used to these Virtual Rooms. Whenever a brand new promotion is released, we will often have to wait a few minutes before getting a quote for a Guest or finalizing booking.

You don’t need to do anything. Don’t hit the back button or click out of shopDisney. This just forces you to the back of the line. Just be patient and wait out the “virtual” clock.

Still having issues? The best thing to do is to try back later.

shopDisney virtual waiting room

Merchandise Selling Out Quickly

Star Wars Day Key

Limited edition Star Wars Day Key

There was a lot of anticipation surrounding this limited edition key. So, it should come to no surprise that they are selling out in record time.

Currently selling for $12.99, if you can get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky.

Ahsoka Tano Ear Headband

© shopDisney

Ahsoka Tano is an amazing character, so it’s no wonder that her ears are flying off the shelves. Even cooler is that they were designed by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars actress, Ashley Eckstein, for Her Universe.

Way to go, Ashley! We think these are amazing!

40th Anniversary of Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars May the 4th merch
© shopDisney

Anniversaries are a big deal for Disney. And when you have a franchise as large at Star Wars, the anniversaries are even bigger.

Between mugs, pins, replica action figures, and more… it’s no wonder this Star Wars merch is selling quickly.

Luke Skywalker (Bespin)  Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Action Figure  The Black Series Official shopDisney

Luke Skywalker (Bespin) Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Action Figure The Black Series Official shopDisney

In an era far, far away, there was once a series of action figures inspired by the launch of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Now, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Episode V, comes this collectible Bespin Luke Skywalker 6” scale figure from The Black Series featuring vintage design and packaging!

The Mandalorian

The Child "Baby Yoda" Pop! Funko Figure
© shopDisney

When the Mandalorian came out last November, I don’t think Disney realized what they had. With the quick success of The Mandalorian, Disney Parks had to quickly catch up with the demand for “Baby Yoda” merchandise.

With a new season coming later this year, anything featuring “Baby Yoda” is quick to sell out. But, I mean, can you blame us? He’s just so darn cute!

The Child Plush  Star Wars: The Mandalorian  Small  11''  Pre-Order Official shopDisney

The Child Plush Star Wars: The Mandalorian Small 11” Pre-Order Official shopDisney

Embrace the creature known as ”the Child,” affectionately known as Baby Yoda, with this soft, cuddly plush toy featuring faux suede coat and fuzzy trims. This irresistible infant is inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian now streaming on Disney+. May the hugs be with you!

How successful were you on this official Star Wars Day? Were you able to get any of these items?

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