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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Epcot During All The Construction

December 18, 2019

While the future of Epcot is looking bright, Epcot in its present state can be hard to take.

After all, you’ve paid a lot of money to travel to Walt Disney World. The last thing you want is to have the image of what you think a Disney vacation should look like ruined by construction walls and heavy machinery.

But, despite the constant state of destruction everywhere, Epcot can still be a magical place.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Epcot During All The Construction

Why You Shouldn't Skip Epcot During All of the Construction

It wasn’t long after the plans for the future Epcot was announced that we began to see changes. Now, a few months later, much of the Epcot you’re used to Seeing has either been demolished or it will be soon.

But, despite all of this, Epcot isn’t a Park that should be skipped during your next visit to Walt Disney World.

Inside of Living With the Land, as seen from inside of the boat

Current Attractions

Soarin’ may not be the most technologically advanced attraction anymore. But, it still tops my list of one of my favorite attractions on Walt Disney World property.

And no Walt Disney World vacation is complete without a trip to Living With the Land.

So, even if all I did was go to Epcot for its current attractions and leave, I would still call my day a success. The only think that bums me out is that Spaceship Earth will be going down for a lengthy refurbishment. I’m still nervous about that one.

The Canada Pavilion in World Showcase in Epcot

New Attractions

There’s something special about experiencing an attraction when it’s still new and fresh.

While I’ve never gone to Opening Day of a brand new Land or attraction, I’ve experienced Pandora and Toy Story Land less than 4 months after each one opened.

Sure, there are plenty of Guests who had experienced these new attractions before I did. But, growing up 1,300 miles away from Walt Disney World, trips to the Most Magical Place on Earth wasn’t a common occurance.

So, having the memories of going to brand new Lands means a lot more to me.

Of course, going to Epcot when the Park is beautiful again and without construction equiptment is preferred. But, that shouldn’t take away from the excitement of experiencing something new.

The Americal Adventure in World Showcase in Epcot

New Restaurants

Space 220, the long anticipated space-themed restaurant will finally open its doors in February 2020.

There is currently no official opening date. But, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the restaurant officially open on February 20th. I’m just saying…it makes sense.

I would never call myself a foodie. I’m more than happy to eat a banana in my hotel room before heading off to the Parks and calling that my breakfast.

But, when there are restaurants that involve such a production as Space 220, I get excited. The elevator ride to the restaurant is an attraction in itself.

Add the brand new Authentic French Crêperie to the lineup, which is opening in Summer 2020, and I may have to rethink the whole “I’m not a foodie” thing.

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival sign in front of Spaceship Earth


Festivals are becoming a year round event at Epcot…and I love it.

We tend to visit during the fall, so we’ve experienced the Food and Wine Festival on many occassions.

So, going this past summer felt strange. We went during a small window in between the Flower and Garden Festival and this year’s Food and Wine Festival.

What’s great about these Festivals is that there is something for everyone. As I said, I don’t consider myself a foodie.

But, the festivals aren’t just about the food. They also bring different experiences and entertainment that are special to each festival.

Every year, celebrities come to Epcot and perform in some way. And best of all, it’s included in the cost of your Theme Park ticket.

Even after multiple trips to Walt Disney World, I still have a long list of things I’d like to see and do. And seeing Neil Patrick Harris read the story of the first Christmas is one bucket list item I have not been able to make happen…yet..

Fountain in the 
Italy Pavilion in Epcot

World Showcase

With the exception of the France and the American Pavilion, World Showcase is pretty much untouched. It is unknown when construction will begin on the United Kingdom Pavilion.

This means that Guests can still travel around the world in one day.

I’ve come to appreciate World Showcase more as I get older. Learning about the countries and meeting the Cast Members that live in these countries is something that you don’t see in any other Theme Park.

And with the short lived nighttime show, Epcot Forever, going away by the end of 2020, visiting during this time of change will be your only chance to see it.

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