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14 Themed Disney Dishes – Pair With A Movie For The Ultimate Family Night

July 30, 2019

Whether your’re planning that next Disney vacation or it’s just another Friday night, cooking Disney-themed dishes is a fun activity and a great way to connect with your kids.

Pair that food with a movie and you have a recipe for a fun night at home with the kids.

14 Themed Disney Dishes – Pair With A Movie For The Ultimate Family Night

14 Themed Disney Dishes - Pair With A Movie For The Ultimate Family Night

Main Entrees

Lady And The TrampSpaghetti and Meatballs – We love spaghetti and we love Lady and the Tramp! What’s not to love?

Lion King – Gnocchi – These little dumplings look pretty grub-like to me. And since it’s very unlikely that I’ll ever want to try the real thing, Gnocchis will have to do. Add some sauce and veggies to them and they’re “slimy…yet satisfying.” Buy them or make them, using this recipe from momtastic.

Aladdin – Pizza – Roll out some dough in the shape of a rectangle and let the kids go crazy decorating their “Magic Carpet”. The great part of this is that they will enjoy decorating their pizza so much, that they won’t be thinking about how many veggies they are putting on. Check out Disney Family for a recipe.

CarsChili “Cone” Queso – You can find this meal at Cozy Cone Motel in Disneyland’s California Adventure, but The Disney Diner has an awesome recipe to make your own at home.

Lilo And StitchPeanut Butter and Jelly Pinwheels –  Thanks Sasaki Time for this cute recipe! Pudge the fish likes his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Help Lilo feed them to Pudge with these cute little Pinwheels (even if it’s not Thursday).



PinocchioBlue Fairy Popcorn Wand – Make a wand that the Blue Fairy would be proud to use. These would also work with rice krispy treats. Check out Disney Family for the recipe.

Frozen – Blue Jello “Ice” Cubes – There’s always room for Jello. Help Elsa embrace her ice powers with some Jello “Ice” cubes, made with this recipe from Sprinkle Some Fun.

Star Wars – Sherbet Sundae – A scoop of green Sherbet, some taffy, mini marshmallows, and some creativity and you will have a one of a kind dessert that’s fit for any Jedi. Check out Disney Family for the recipe.

ZootopiaJumbo Pop – No need to go find Nick Wilde for a melted down Jumbo Pop. You can buy them or your kids can help you make your own.

Sleeping Beauty – Pink and Blue Cupcakes – Make it pink! Make it blue! How about making it pink AND blue! Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand, so I have to use this recipe by Disney Family to make my cupcakes.

Princess and the Frog – Beignets – Some may think of Gumbo when thinking about Princess and the Frog, but for me and my sweet tooth, it’s all about the Beignets. You can’t go wrong with a donut covered in powdered sugar. Check out This Mama Cooks for the recipe.

Alice in Wonderland  Sugar Cookies – You can’t watch Alice in Wonderland without a little cookie that says “Eat Me”. You can either find store-bought sugar cookies and have the kids decorate them or you can follow this recipe from Food in Literature.

Beauty and the Beast – The Gray Stuff – If you’ve ever wondered what “The Gray Stuff” is, now is the chance to find out. Thanks to The Disney Diner, you can find the recipe to make your own. Go ahead! Try the Gray Stuff, it’s delicious! You’ll never want to watch Beauty and the Beast without it again.

The Little Mermaid – Oyster Pearl Cookies – These cute cookies are perfect for any little mermaid or merman. You have Disney Family to thank for this recipe. And while using a dinglehopper isn’t required, we won’t fault you if you do.

What Disney-inspired dishes can you think of?

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