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The 5 Best and Worst Snacks To Use Your Disney Dining Plan Credits On

June 15, 2019

Everyone loves Disney snacks. I mean, everything is better when it’s Mickey-shaped, right?

But, when you have Snack Credits to spend, some snacks are a better idea than others.

The 5 Best and Worst Snacks To Use Your Disney Dining Plan Credits On

The 5 Best and Worst Snacks To Use Your Disney Dining Plan Credits On

Just like the Best and Worst Restaurants to use your Disney Dining Plan Credits on, we will be focusing solely on the price and not the flavor. Just because a snack not worth the cost to use a snack credit, doesn’t mean it’s not delicious.

This means, to get the biggest bang for your buck, you should be looking for snacks costing $5 or more.

So, here is a list of some snacks you should use your snack credits on and which snacks you are better off paying out of pocket for.

Worst Disney Snack Deals

Pongu Lumpia

Found in Pandora in Animal Kingdom, the Pongu Lumpia is a pineapple cream cheese spring roll.

It’s a great choice for grabbing a quick snack…or breakfast…after rope dropping Flight of Passage.

With a price of $3.29, it’s one of the lease expensive food options on Walt Disney World property.

While it’s a great option for Guests paying out of pocket, it’s not a great use of your Snack Credits.

Refillable mugs at Walt Disney World

Bottled Water

Staying hydrated in the hot Florida heat is important.

But, with one bottled water costing $3.50, it’s not the best use of your snack credits.

Instead, purchase water ahead of time. We have Amazon Prime, so we utilize our free shipping and have some shippied to our hotel room on arrival day.

Or better yet, ask any quick service location for free iced water.

Don’t like the taste of Florida water? Water enhancers are the cure for that problem.

Bunch of Bananas

Whole Fruit

It’s crazy how we will hand our money over for anything Mickey-shaped, but $2.99 for a piece of fruit and our minds go, “nope…”

As much as I love fruit, using a Snack Credit on that banana is not the best way to maximize those Snack Credits.

If you really need that piece of fruit, you’re better off paying out of pocket.

Decor at Disney's Pop Century

Tie-Dye Cheesecake

One of the most popular snacks at Pop Century is the Tie-dye cheesecake.

It’s colorful and it’s cheesecake, so what’s not to love?

Well, for a price tag of $4.29, it’s pretty small. So, you’re not going to be getting your money’s worth on this treat. If you really want to try it, you’re better off paying out of pocket.



Disney’s popcorn bucket game is amazing! Every time a new one is released, my eyes light up with excitement.

The souvenir buckets are not Snack Credit eligible, but the refills are. When you purchase the souvenir bucket, you’re able to get refills for just $2.99.

As tasty as the popcorn is, using a Snack Credit on refills isn’t be best way to maximize your credits.

Best Disney Snack Deals

A cup of Starbucks coffee


Can’t go without your morning coffee? You may be surprised to know that each size is only 1 Snack Credit.

Not only can you get a Venti for the same price as a Tall, you can add flavors for no additional cost.

Go Venti or go home!

Hot Mickey Pretzel in Hollywood Studios

Mickey Pretzel with Cheese

The Mickey Pretzel was among the large number of food that received a price boost last fall.

As frustrating as price increases are, it wasn’t such a bad thing for Guests using Meal Plans.

At $7, using a Snack Credit is a much better deal than paying out of pocket.

Dole Whip Float at the Polynesian

Dole Whip Float

You knew I had to add my favorite Disney treat to this list.

Dole Whip is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day. And thanks to its popularity, you can find it in multiple locations around Walt Disney World.

Want the best bang for your buck? Get the Dole Whip Float, instead of the regular cup.

Both are good options, but the float gives you that pineapple juice and you won’t spend more than 1 credit for it. And at $5.99, the float is a great way to maximize those credits.

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

For just 1 Snack Credit, you can get a snack that’s not only large enough to share, you could easily turn it into a meal.

Although it’s pretty large, at $8.29, it’s pretty pricey for a waffle, nutella spread, and sliced fruit.

But, if you’re on the Dining Plan, it’s an extraordinary way to maximize those credits. There aren’t many $8 items around Walt Disney World that are also Snack Credit eligible.

Mickey Premium Bar Ice Cream

Mickey Premium Bar

You can’t go to Walt Disney World and not get a Mickey Premium Bar (or two), right?

But, do you get your money’s worth when you use a Snack Credit?

Thanks to that price increase last year, the Mickey Premium Bar now costs $5.39.

While it’s only slightly above that $5 price we look for, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you’re not wasting your Snack Credits every time you get a craving for this delicious treat.

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