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Places You’ll Find Mickey And Minnie Meet and Greets Together In Walt Disney World

April 6, 2019

Mickey and Minnie Mouse can be found in every Park around Walt Disney World.

However, most Guests are shocked to learn that there are very few places where they can be seen TOGETHER.

It’s going to be magical, no matter where you see them. But, it’s always so much more magical when you have the chance to see them together.

Places You’ll Find Mickey And Minnie Meet and Greets Together In Walt Disney World

finding mickey and minnie together in walt disney world

Adventurers Outpost in Animal Kingdom

If you’ve ever seen those pictures of Mickey and Minnie dressed up in their Safari Gear, this is the place.

The Meet and Greet, as well as a small queue area, are all inside.

While it’s a great place to get out of the sun and into some air conditioning for awhile, it’s also an easy place to walk right by without realizing what you missed.

Meeting Mickey and Minnie inside Adventures Outpost at Animal Kingdom
Mickey and Minnie in Adventures Outpost

Town Square Theater in Magic Kingdom

As a part of Mickey and Minnie’s Birthday celebration, the duo join together, in the Town Square Theater, dressed up in their finest Birthday outfits.

Meeting Mickey and Minnie in Town Square Theater

Mickey and Minnie’s Birthday celebration is a limited-time experience. You can “get your ears on” through September 30, 2019.

Be sure to stop by Celebration Central, inside Town Square Theater, and sign the Celebration Guest Book and receive a checklist of ten ways to celebrate Mickey and Minnie!

Where is the Town Square Theater?

The Town Square Theater is located on your right, as you enter Magic Kingdom. You’ll see a big beautiful building with large columns.

You can also find directions on the My Disney Experience App.

Where do Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse meet separately in Walt Disney World?

Hollywood Studios

Commissary Lane, Red Carpet Dreams

Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet in Disney's Hollywood Studios - Commissary Lane, Red Carpet Dreams


Epcot Character Spot

The Epcot Character Spot is now closed, as a part of Epcot’s complete overhaul. Follow the signs for their new (temporary) area.

Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet in Epcot

Magic Kingdom

Town Square Theater

When Mickey isn’t meeting Guests in his Birthday outfit, he’s usually found performing magic in the Town Square Theater (without Minnie by his side).

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