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Disney’s Date-Based Ticket Calendar

October 16, 2018

Disney has switched from fixed price Tickets to an Interactive Date-Based Ticket Calendar.

There have always been many different variables that can dramatically change the cost of your Package. That’s why there’s no quick answer to the question,How much does it cost to go to Disney World?

While this new calendar comes with some new rules, it may actually make planning your vacation a little bit easier.

Interactive Date-Based Ticket Price Calendar

Walt Disney World introducing the Interactive Date-Based Ticket Calendar

Less Days To Use Your Tickets

Previously, all Multi-Day tickets had to be used within a 14-day time frame.

Now, your redemption period is based on the number of days you purchase.

While those days don’t have to be consecutive, you must choose the day you want to start redeeming your tickets and use them up within a shorter time period.

  • One Day Tickets – Must be used on the date selected
  • Two Day Tickets – May be used on any 2 days within a 4 day period, beginning on the start date selected
  • Three Day Tickets – May be used on any 3 days within a 5 day period
  • Four Day Tickets – May be used on any 4 days within a 7 day period
  • Five Day Tickets – May be used on any 5 days within an 8 day period
  • Six Day Tickets – May be used on any 6 days within a 9 day period
  • Seven Day Tickets – May be used on any 7 days within a 10 day period
  • Eight Day Tickets – May be used on any 8 days within a 12 day period
  • Nine Day Tickets – May be used on any 9 days within a 13 day period
  • Ten Day Tickets – May be used on any 10 days within a 14 day period

Flexible Date Option

For an additional charge, Guests can also select a flexible date option.

Much like the old ticket system, Guests who choose this upgrade can begin their vacation without needing to specify Park dates ahead of time.

Once you redeem one ticket, the remainder must be redeemed within 14 days.

Partner statue with Walt and Mickey Mouse in the Magic Kingdom

How will this change your vacation planning?

But, for a large number of Guests, this new date-based ticket system won’t effect them much. These changes have no effect on Fastpasses or Ticket upgrades, like Park Hoppers and Water Park Tickets.

Easier to save money?

Choosing the first day you will be in the Parks will lock in that price for the remainder of your Park Days.

Just as the example below shows, the week following my chosen day shows a price of $103 per day. But, since I plan on using my first Park Ticket on a day that costs $101, that price locks in for my entire trip, saving me $2 per day.

Date-based calendar example showing how prices change per day

While it works to my advantage in this example, this system can also be a disadvantage. Since the tickets also lock in at higher price points, it’s best to look at the date-based calendar before making plans to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

While this can be frustrating, this calendar is good for one reason. It’s easier to see when Disney is expecting the most Guests

Disney releases more deals and when they are expeciting lower crowds. So, when you see lower ticket prices, it means there’s a good chance attendance will also be lower.

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