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Walt Life Subscription Box

September 26, 2018

I wanted to start out by saying that I normally don’t subscribe to subscription boxes. I’m not the type of person that just goes out and buys stuff for the sole purpose of writing a blog post.

But, Walt Life was something that I really wanted to try out.

We don’t get to the Parks as much as I would love to. So, I thought this would be a fun way of bringing some Disney magic into my home until I can get back to the Parks.

And like most subscription boxes, everything is a surprise. But, each box is customized. So, everything is put together with that in mind.

This post is not sponsored in any way. I did NOT receive these items for free and all thoughts are my own.

What sets Walt Life apart from the rest of the subscription boxes?

While I haven’t actually purchased another subscription service, I have checked a few of them out. And the one thing that I think sets this company apart are the prices.

I don’t want to take anything away from the other services. They look equally as amazing. But, some of these subscriptions cost upwards of $200 per box. Unfortunately, that’s just not something that’s in my budget at the moment.

So, the first thing that drew me to Walt Life was the prices. Merchandise boxed are priced anywhere between $30 and $79. And if that is still over your budget, pin Subscriptions are just $8.

Walt Life Subscription boxes

What do I normally receive in my Walt Life Box?

The subscription I have is the Disney Plus Box, which is the second highest tier. This particular box is $49, which gives you 1 Disney Parks item, plus 4 mystery items.

Although this subscription is primarily for myself, I do share some of the items with my boys.

So, my boxes are put together with princes and princesses in mind. They are also geared more towards adults, since that is the selection I chose.

Walt Life Box, wrapped up to protect the contents

What I Received In My Box

Obviously, the content changes every month. But, this is an example of what you may receive.

This month, I received…

2017 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Pin

The first thing I saw when I opened up the box was the silver foil wrapper sitting there on top.

I couldn’t wait to rip it open and see what was inside.

This was my official Disney Parks item.

As someone who loves Disney Pins, I was happy to add another one to the collection. And although we love Pin Trading in Walt Disney World, I guarantee this is one that is not going to be traded away on the next trip.

Pop! (Captain) Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow Pop Funko Figurine

The second item I uncovered was none other than Jack Sparrow.

While this item was undoubtedly supposed to appeal more to the princes, I did decide to keep this one for myself.

I love the Pirate of the Caribbean movies. I also have a few other Pop Funko figures, so he went right on the shelf with the others.

Sleepy Dumbo Tsum Tsum

Dumbo Tsum Tsum

As soon as my son saw this Tsum Tsum, I knew that I had lost him forever.

Dumbo is one of his favorite Disney Characters. And although he already has a Dumbo Tsum Tsum, this one is slightly different. So, I happily let him add this one to his growing collection.

Minnie Mouse Mug

Minnie Mouse Mug

One can never have too many mugs. This mug is big and beautiful, so this one was definitely one that I will be keeping to myself.

I can see lots of cups of coffee and hot chocolate being made in this thing. Love it!

Edit 2020: It’s almost 2 years later and I still use this mug at least once a week. It still looks brand new and holds so much coffee! It’s one of the best things that I’ve received from Walt Box…which I still subscribe to!

Post Cards

Postcards from Walt Life Subscription Box

Most people wouldn’t know this about me, but I love to collect post cards.

Whenever we go on vacation, I try to find a post card and a magnet to remember the places I’ve been.

At this point, I don’t know how many I have. But, these 2 are definitely being added to the collection.

Bonus Item – Mickey Mouse Trading Pin

Mickey  Mouse Trading Pin

Even if you’ve heard about Walt Life before now, you may not know is that Walt Life also has an app!

If you’re feeling lucky, you can spin, scratch, or play trivia games to win prizes. I was able to pull out a win and get a Disney Trading Pin included in my box.

Spin To Win Game on the Walt Life App

You can also earn a trip to Walt Disney World

Each month, you will receive a small coin in your box.

If you collect all 8 Walt Life coins, you win a trip for 2 to Walt Disney World!

Don’t have all 8? You can also win a Tsum Tsum or a Mini Bean Bag Plush for completing the word “Walt” or “Life”.

Is the price worth it?

When it comes down to it, the decision is really up to you.

There have been some boxes that I think are absolutely worth the price. While other times, I feel like the items weren’t exactly something that I would have picked out myself.

But, for my very first subscription box, I’ve really enjoyed it.

I’ve added to my ear collection. And I’ve gotten items that I never thought I’d see in a subscription box, like a Shanghai Disney Resort Grand Opening pin.

Not only do my eyes light up, but so does my youngest son’s. As soon as he sees the box, he’s already wondering what he can “steal” from mom. Sharing the surprise with him is something that I love. So, for me, that alone makes it worth the price.

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Walt Life Subscription Box

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