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Don’t Wait…Book Your Packages Before Ticket Prices Increase

February 11, 2018

I know that ticket prices raise every year, but somehow it’s still a disappointment when I notice the change.

If you’ve been putting off booking your next Disney Vacation, don’t put it off any longer!

Starting today, February 11th 2018, the raise in ticket- only prices are in effect.

Price increases also extend to the Annual Passport prices at Disneyland. The Annual Passport renewal discount will also be discontinued.

At Walt Disney World, changes in price also include theme park parking, theme park lockers and the Minnie Van service.


If there is any silver lining in any of this, it’s that there is some good news for those wanting to book a Walt Disney World Vacation Package. While there will still be an increase in price, this increase does not go into effect until February 21st 2018. So, if you book your 2018 Package from now until February 20th 2018, the 2017 prices will be honored. So, don’t delay! Don’t worry…no one knows their exact plans almost a year in advance, but by getting something on the books, you will ensure that you don’t pay the new 2018 prices.

Later this year, Walt Disney World plans to implement date-based pricing to multi-day tickets. 1-day tickets already have date-based pricing, since they aren’t very popular. They vary by Value, Regular, and Peak Season Prices, but they are still very expensive and per-day ticket prices lessen with each additional day you add ($129 for 1 day-Base Ticket VS $44.50/day for a 10 Day base Ticket). But, in hopes of spreading attendance throughout the year, Disney plans to extend these pre-published, date-specific pricing to the multi-day tickets as well, so stay tuned for those prices to change, as well..

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