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Walt Disney…The Man Behind The Mouse

February 7, 2018

It’s no secret that Walt Disney was a dreamer. And if you’ve ever seen photos or videos of Uncle Walt, it’s apparent just how passionate he was about his work.

But, it wasn’t until my youngest son asked me, “Is Walt Disney your hero?,” that I actually thought about it for a minute and told him, “You know what? I think he is!”

Sure…a lot of people have dreams. Some even achieve those dreams. But, Walt had to overcome a lot before he finally saw his success. He came from very humble beginnings, dreamed up a company doing what he loved to do, just to see it crash, burn, and go bankrupt. From there, he then moved to California with no money, and with the encouragement of his uncle, started another company. He was doing well and his company was seeing some success. But, it could have been the end of Walt Disney and Ub Iworks when Walt lost all rights to Oswald (and many employees) after some sneaky negotiations. But, it ended up being a blessing in disguise because when he lost Oswald, he had to go back to the drawing board and create a brand new character, resulting in the creation of Mickey Mouse. He could have given up many times along the way, but the fact that he still had the drive to pick himself up and keep going is what I find so admirable.

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If you’d like to find out more about the Man behind the Mouse, I suggest checking  out some (or all) of these books. I’ve seen them on other sites, but Amazon continues to be the lowest price out there.

If you have a chance, I also suggest checking out these videos.

One of my favorite YouTubers, Tim Tracker, got to experience the Marceline to Magic Kingdom Walking Tour. He learned some great facts about Walt Disney and he even got to see how Imagineers make the ghosts dance in the ballroom scene of the Haunted Mansion! So jealous! That alone is worth the $49 Ticket Price!

Another great video is by another favorite of mine, Justin Scarred. He visited the home of Walt’s uncle and gets a tour of the land where Walt started his business California. I’ve seen many of Justin’s videos, but this still has to be one of my favorites.

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