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Tips For Beating Your Friends At Toy Story Midway Mania

January 5, 2018

We all have that ONE (or more) super competitive friend or family member that turns everything into a competition. You know who they are. Well, now is your chance to get them back for all the times they’ve beaten you and get the highest score!


Here are your tips and tricks to being the best player in your group!

  • Have you ever noticed how the video game, Toy Story Mania!, is similar to the ride? It may not be the same exact game, but it’s good practice for hitting those targets! If you have Honey, it will alert you when the price drops, so you won’t ever spend a penny more than you have to.

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Someone gave me this next tip and I have to say, I think it works! I live with a bunch of boys who love their video games and I consistently beat them every.single.time! 🙂

  • When you sit down, you will see a shooter with a string and ball attached. Don’t just grab that ball all willy nilly. I place the string between my middle and ring finger and hold the ball in the palm of my hands. I think this works because you just have to pull back on the string and it prevents you from losing your grip (and precious seconds of shooting!) if your hand is too sweaty or you pull back too hard.


  • Sure, it’s a game and it’s all for fun, but if your main goal is to beat the pants off everyone in your party, then don’t waste too much time during the practice round. Not only will you not earn any points, you will waste precious energy you will need to finish the rest of the game.


Now for the game…

  • In the Hamm and Eggs scene (the very first scene of the game, after the practice round), first look for the donkey. If you shoot him a few times, his point value will go up! Also, look for the fox on the hen house. Once you shoot him, 3 hens will appear with larger point values. But, the biggest trick is to look for the barn. If you see a mouse, shoot him! This will cause more and more mice to appear…all worth 1,000 points a piece!
  • Next is Dino Darts. Hit as many things as you can, but keep an eye out because you will need to look for some squiggly balloons that will appear on the screen. Whenever you see those balloons, hit them because they are worth more than the regular balloons. And if you hit them all, your volcano will erupt and balloons will start flying from the volcano…all with higher point values! The same goes for asteroids. Focus on hitting those as they move to the center of the screen. Once there is a big bang, clusters of balloons will come shooting out and it’s your chance to shoot them for thousands of points at a time!
  • The next screen will bring you to Sarge’s Boot Camp. Focus on all those plates! But once the mountain goes down and shows a tank, it will start throwing out 5,000 point plates, so make sure you’re watching out for that tank.
  • Next up is Buzz Lightyear’s Space Tossers Ring Toss scene. Focus on getting all of the green aliens inside the rocket by throwing a ring around them. If you get all the aliens in the rocket before any more appear, you can shoot rings into the robots mouth, as well as the other aliens that surround the robot. Make sure you’re looking out in the background for those 5,000 point aliens in the back. As soon as you see those aliens hit them quickly because the robot will open it’s mouth again and you can shoot as many rings as you can to earn as many points you possibly can.
  • Hope you’re not tired yet because next is Woody’s Rootin’ Shootin’ Gallery scene. Shooting targets will trigger a fan of more targets. Hit them all and even more targets will pop back open with larger point values. As your vehicle starts moving, focus on the bottom of the screen. That’s where you’ll find the larger value points. If you see 2 targets with 500 points right next to each other, hit them, because it will cause a 2,000 point target to open up.
  • Finally you will get to your bonus round with the Mine Carts. There will be 2 tracks  of Carts, but sticking to one side is the best chance to gain the most points. Also, keep an eye out for the bat at the top of the screen. He is holding targets, as well. Hit the targets, as well as the bat, and you could get a 5,000 point target. At the very end, you will see giant targets. The faster you shoot, the faster your point value will go up. This is the perfect opportunity to choose to shoot at one alone or shoot with a partner. Even if you’re trying to beat everyone, if you’re both shooting at the same target, the points will rise faster than if you’re shooting at it alone. Just be sure that you’re shooting faster than your friend next to you so you earn the most points.


There you have it…the tools you need to beat your friends and family. I don’t expect you to remember every little detail because I know I don’t! But, even remembering one or two of these screens can give you a HUGE lead!

And if you want to go for the highest score of the day…go for it!

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