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Say It Isn’t True…Receipt Hog Is Shutting Me Down!

March 22, 2017

If you have an account with Receipt Hog then you may have received an email that the app has gotten so big that they can no longer afford to pay their Hoggers the money that they know you earned, so they will be letting people go. I am one of those people. As of March 27th at 11:59PM Eastern time, I will no longer be able to log into the app.

I have had this app for years and, although it is a slow earner for me, it was nice knowing that I was earning a little extra vacation money just for submitting my receipts.


What happens to my points?

As long as you have over 200 points, Receipt Hog is allowing you to cash out for the value you have earned, even if you are in between Rewards. No points will be lost!

I was approaching the $15 reward when I received the email. I logged onto my app and I was able to quickly transfer $13 into my PayPal account. Since I was in between the $5 and the $15 tier, I am glad for the opportunity to cash out my entire balance.

I have heard some folks say that they received their termination email on Monday. I had a bunch of receipts that I redeemed yesterday, and then all of a sudden this afternoon, I received my termination notice. I makes me wonder how they are determining which people to give the boot. It makes me think that they feel I am costing them too much money, so they are letting me go.

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