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Earn Rewards on Products You Are Already Buying

January 22, 2017

Are you a soda drinker? (or “Pop” as I like to call it) Do you eat a lot of a certain brand of food? You might want to look and see if any of these products you frequently buy have a program that rewards you for buying their products. You’re buying it anyway, so you might as well get something back.

These are a few that I frequently earn Rewards on.

My Coke Rewards – I like to take advantage of those soda deals that you often see in the Sunday ads. When I get coke, I always save the codes that you see under the cap of the plastic bottles and in the 12 pack cans of soda. When I get a code, I just place the code in a small basket that I have in my junk drawer. Once it starts to fill up, I take them and enter ALL those codes at once. You can enter them as you drink them, but this method works best for me. They often have offers  free products for Shutterfly and every once in awhile they will announce Double Points for entering codes on a certain day. I love when that day rolls around. I like to redeem for gift cards, but they also have coupons for more coke products, donations,  sweepstakes, tickets, and different merchandise.

Kellogg’s Family Rewards – I think this is the easiest Reward Program to earn points. In my house, cereal and MorningStar products are eaten pretty regularly, so it’s a great way to earn some easy points. Kellogg’s gives you so many ways to earn points,too. You can upload your receipt, link your Loyalty Cards, or text a picture of your receipt to 89332. There are also bonus points that can be earned through Punch Card Perks, watching videos, connecting to social media, and more…  So, what can you use your reward points on? You can earn anything from physical prizes, to coupons and gift cards. I prefer the gift cards because I save them and then use them to travel for less, but that Vera Bradley Market Tote is so cute!

Disney Movie Rewards – You’ve probably seen those codes in all of the Disney Movies you have sitting on your shelves. Make sure you are entering those into your account. Do you like to go to the movies? You can either link your Fandango account to your Disney Movie Rewards or take a picture and upload them and you will earn points for seeing Disney movies (up to 4 tickets), as well. Disney gift cards do come up as rewards, but they go really fast! So, if you see them and you would like one, HURRY before they’re gone!

Bounce Energy – I know that this does not apply to everyone, but this is the energy provider that I use. Why? When we moved to Houston 2 years ago, I was in search for a new energy provider. I began doing the searches to find one with the best rates. Bounce caught my eye because they offer rewards for making on time payments. Yay! But, before I signed up with them, I looked into their rates because, as much as I love getting rewarded for doing something I have to do anyway, if they were more expensive than other providers, it just wouldn’t make sense to me to go with them. I was so excited when I saw that their rates were comparable with all the other providers in the area that didn’t provide rewards to their customers. So, I signed up with Bounce. I really like that they let you choose the type of Rewards that you earn. Every 6 months, I get to choose a Gift Card from a few retailers. After 2 years, I will get a 3% discount on my bill every month. I would be getting the 3% discount already, but I didn’t realize that if you change your Rewards, your “Number of On-Time Payments” resets back to zero. Ugh… I was almost to my first Reward when I switched to another one that had Gift Cards that I liked better. Lesson learned…

Target Cartwheel Perks – I’m not sure if this program has gone nationwide yet. The last I img_5160heard, Target was increasing the number of cities that are lucky enough to use Perks, but it wasn’t a nationwide thing yet. Since Houston was added to the cities that are able to use Perks, I’ve been able to take advantage of this program…and I LOVE it. You earn 10 cents for every dollar you spend. When you reach 5000 points, you get to choose the reward you want and redeem in store. And now that it is linked to your Cartwheel app, as long as you scan your Cartwheel Barcode at checkout, you will earn your Perk Points, as well. That means that even if you are not redeeming any coupons on Cartwheel, make sure you are scanning your Barcode! Those points add up FAST! Before I knew it, Perks was telling me that I had hit 5000 points and I was eligible for a Reward. Since I hit my Perk a few weeks before Christmas, I opted for the Free Toy (up to $15). It was so great since I had Birthday and Christmas Shopping to finish, still. My oldest son’s Birthday is 7 days before Christmas, so it is an extremely hectic time of year for us.

Right now, they have 25 rewards to choose from. To maximize my Perks, I always look at the dollar amount. As much as I love getting free food, it doesn’t make sense for me to choose that free pizza, for a savings of about $6, when I could get a free $15 toy or a free $20 phone case. But, in the end, everyone is a winner when they can get anything for free.


What other Reward Programs do you use? I would love to hear them!

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