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Holiday Gifts That Travelers Love

October 30, 2023

Looking for the perfect gift for travelers in your life? Don’t worry…we got you covered this holiday season.

Finding the perfect gift for someone special in your life can be a challenge. It’s even more challenging if the person you’re trying to buy for is always off exploring the world.

Instead of getting them something that will end up sitting on a shelf, we’ll help you discover the best gift for travelers who are always looking forward to their next adventure.

Travel Journal

A travel journal is a great gift for travelers who are like to capture their experiences, thoughts, and memories on paper. It’s also the perfect spot to stash away those little keepsakes, like ticket stubs and postcards, that transport you back to the places you’ve been.

Scratch-Off Map

Maps showcasing the places you’ve been is gaining popularity, especially among younger travelers who are discovering the excitement of traveling to new places.

Scratch-off maps are fun because it’s a daily reminder of where you’ve been. And it prompts ideas for where you may want to go in the future.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

If there’s one gift that travelers can appreciate, it’s a good pair of noise canceling headphones. Long flights are hard enough. And noisy environments make sleeping on the plane nearly impossible.

Noise-cancelling headphones provide a peaceful sanctuary for travelers, allowing them to immerse themselves in music or silence, whichever they prefer.

Travel Wallet

Staying organized is important when you’re traveling. Traveling is stressful enough without fumbling around to find plane tickets, passports, etc.

A travel wallet is a traveler’s best friend when it comes to staying organized. It offers designated compartments for passports, tickets, money, and other essentials that you’ll need on your way to and from your destination.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes have been a game-changer when it comes to the way I travel. Despite what I do for a living, I’m ashamed to say that I hopped onto the packing cube trend late in the game.

Since getting some, they’ve help me maximize space and keep my clothes, accessories, and toiletries neatly separated. So, not only am I getting more “stuff” into my suitcase, everything stays organized throughout my trip.

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Portable Charger

For travelers who rely on their devices, a good portable charger is a must-have. It will help them keep their smartphones, cameras, and other gadgets fully charged, which is important if they’re someone who likes to take lots of photos and videos on vacation.

I will forever talk about the usefulness of my Eggtronic power bank. It’s on the bigger side, so it’s not as handy if you’re walking around. But, if you’re traveling and need something that charges a variety of different devices, this is the one that I recommend. In fact, I’ve even had friends purchase it for themselves after borrowing mine.

For on-the-go, we suggest a smaller quick charging power bank that’s easier to walk around with. My husband swears by his power bank. He says it charges his phone fully in about an hour. He can also get 2-3 full charges out of his power bank before he has to recharge it.

Smart Water Bottle

I know what you’re thinking…why would I need a smart water bottle?

With the excitement of exploring new places, travelers often forget one very important thing – staying hydrated. Dehydration is a big deal. Besides the obvious signs, like headaches and fatigue, dehydration can also lead to more serious health issues, especially in extreme climates or high altitudes.

Setting reminders for yourself is great. But, smart water bottles can also track how much you’re actually drinking. So, in addition to those reminders, they’re also keeping track of how much you’re drinking. It’s a pretty great way to stay hydrated while concentrating on what you love doing the most – enjoying your adventure.

Apple AirTag

As lost bags are becoming more common, travelers are using AirTags to figure out where their luggage has gone. But, placing them inside luggage isn’t the only place that travelers are using them.

One of the smartest ways I’ve seen was when we were at Walt Disney World. We were sitting on the bus, heading back to Disney Springs, and we saw a child with an AirTag attached to her shoe. Until then, I’ve heard of parents putting them in bags and clothes. But, chances are, your child will be wearing the same shoes every day. So, there’s less of a chance that you’ll forget it when you’re rushing to leave your hotel room in the morning. It was genius.

For travelers who are worried about losing things, Apple AirTags provides an extra layer of security and convenience, and peace of mind that the things they value most are being tracked at all times.

Travel-Themed Jewelry

Some places hold a special place in someone’s heart. So, what better way to celebrate these places than with travel-themed jewelry.

Travel-themed jewelry, especially those that are tied to a specific destination, serves as a personal and thoughtful gift for those who hold these destinations close to their hearts. And the best part is that the collection can grow as you travel to more places.

brown leather duffel bag

Travel Gift Cards and Travel Vouchers

One of my favorite places to book fun adventures is through GetYourGuide. I frequently recommend this company to my Clients because of the various experiences, activity levels, and destinations they offer.

In just the past month, my Clients have done a variety of tours and adventures through GetYourGuide including:

  • Las Vegas: Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lunch, Optional Skywalk
  • Marco Island: Boat Tour to Cape Romano and 10,000 Islands
  • Crystal River: VIP Manatee Swim w/ In-water Photographer
  • Everglades National Park: Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Eco-Tour
  • Boston: Hop-on Hop-off Old Town Trolley Tour
  • Salem: Ghosts of the Witch City Ultimate Extended Tour
  • Salem: Hocus Pocus Movies and More Tour
  • San Francisco: California Sunset/Twilight Boat Cruise
  • San Francisco: Alcatraz Ticket with 2-Day Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

If you don’t know what your loved one would want to do, they also have Gift Cards that can be purchased in any amount you want. This means you can customize your gift to your budget.

Gift Cards are always a good idea because they give travelers the flexibility to plan their next adventure on their terms.

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