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Disney Vacation Themed Easter Egg Fillers

March 7, 2021

Lets face it, the older our kids get, the harder it is to find things to put in their Easter Baskets.

Video games are too expensive and I really don’t like loading it up with pounds and pounds of sugar.

But, no matter how old my kids get, the one thing they haven’t grow out of is Disney.

Quarters and Pennies

Now, this may seem strange to some. But, growing up, there was always one egg that had some quarters in it. I never knew the reasoning behind this. But, it was always fun to find money in our Easter eggs every year.

For many, loose change may not scream “Disney Vacation.” But, for my family, it serves a specific purpose.

Each Disney trip, my boys like to look for the Pressed Penny Machines. If they find a design they like, they’ll use their change to bring home a cheap souvenir. At just $.51, you’re not going to find a cheaper souvenir on property.

So, instead of just giving them quarters, I place quarters and pennies in an Easter Egg for my kids. I’m not only continuing my Easter tradition, I’m giving it a little bit of a Disney spin.

Easter Egg filled with quarters and pennies

Disney Pins

Another souvenir my boys love are their Disney Pins!

Each of my boys get a Gift Card to spend on whatever they want each trip. When the Gift Card is empty, they know that they can’t buy anything else. Despite there being no limit to what they’re allowed to buy (aside from price), they choose to spend their money on new pins most of the time.

Purchasing groups of pins on Amazon is great since you can get many pins for a reasonable price.

Just keep in mind that while they’re great for Pin Trading, more likely than not, they’re going to be scrappers (AKA fake pins).

Many Guests buy these pins for the purpose of trading them away in the Parks. So, authenticity isn’t always a priority.

If you don’t plan on trading them away, the only way to ensure that you’re getting authentic Disney pins is to buy them straight from Shop Disney.

But, if you’re only trading for the fun of it, then lots of pins are a great way to go.

“We wants the Readhead” Pirates of the Caribbean Pin
We wants the Readhead!

Gift Cards

As I just mentioned, my boys get a Gift card to bring with them on each trip.

The only problem is that standard Easter Eggs aren’t wide enough to fit a Gift Card. So, unless you’re super creative with how you package your Gift Card, you’ll have to spring for a larger egg.

Buying reasonably priced gifts for teenagers can be tough. But, one thing they’ll never grow out of is Gift Cards to their favorite place.

**Tip: If you have multiple Disney Gift Cards, don’t carry all of them to Disney. Combine the balances onto one card! The balance transfers immediately and Gift Cards are great way to stay on budget!**

Waiting in line for the buses, while wearing our ponchos


If you have multiple Jumbo eggs, or you’re looking for something to fill it with besides a Gift Card, then a folded up poncho may just be the thing.

Is it a little weird? Maybe. But, this would be great if you want to surprise your child with an upcoming Disney Vacation.

Since we don’t wear ponchos anywhere else but at Disney, it would be a dead giveaway that a trip is being planned.

Jewelry and Accessories

Know someone in your life who likes jewelry? How excited would she be to open an egg, expecting candy, and find that accessory she’s been dying to have?

Disney Initial Gold Necklace - BoxLunch Exclusive

Disney Initial Gold Necklace – BoxLunch Exclusive

Wear magic around your neck! The iconic Disney “D” makes a simple yet stunning statement on this dainty gold-tone chain necklace featuring a lobster clasp closure. A BoxLunch Exclusive!

Lately, one of my favorite places to shop for Disney merchandise is Box Lunch. Not only are their items adorable, they have sales all the time. So, if that item you’re eyeing isn’t on sale at that moment, just wait a few weeks. Chances are, it’ll go on sale soon.

Opening your Resort Door with your MagicBand

MagicBands and Accessories

Thanks to a recent change, complimentary MagicBands are no longer a free perk for staying on Disney property. While you do get a discount, there’s no reason to spend $5-$10 on a MagicBand color or design you don’t really want. For a few extra dollars, you can get one with your favorite character or color that aren’t included in the discounted designs.

Olaf MagicBand Slap Bracelet  Frozen 2 Official shopDisney

Olaf MagicBand Slap Bracelet Frozen 2 Official shopDisney

Take the chill off procedures at Walt Disney World Resort in Olaf’s MagicBand Slap Bracelet. With a simple touch, redeem FastPass+, enter parks, charge purchases to your room, and more!

Linking new MagicBands onto My Disney Experience is easy. Just enter the code on the inside of the MagicBand and everything links to it automatically.

Back of a MagicBand, showing off personalization and code

**Tip: Don’t forget your BitBelt!

I was waiting in line for Big Thunder when my MagicBand got caught on the railing. I must have had stealth-like reflexes that day because I caught my MagicBand before it fell into a crevice below.

While not impossible, it would have been a pain to retrieve it. Having everything linked to my MagicBand, I wouldn’t be able to use my FastPasses, Dining Credits, etc. Not to mention, I’d have to take time out of my vacation to tell a Cast Member what had happened and fill out a lost item form.

After that incident, I vowed to never go without a BitBelt again! For just a few dollars, I know that my Magicband is secure and I won’t have to worry about losing it again. **

BitBelt to keep your MagicBand secure
Photo Credit: BitBelt.com

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