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5 Tips For A Successful Solo Trip

September 14, 2020

There seems to be an upward trend of adults deciding to make a solo trip to Walt Disney World.

Disney still has the reputation of being a place that’s meant for kids. But, in reality, there are just as many adults who travel to Walt Disney World without kids as those who travel with kids.

There’s a lot of benefits to traveling by yourself. Of course, planning for a solo trip is different than your typical family vacation. But, that doesn’t make it any less magical.

Why Travel Solo?

There’s lots of reasons why someone would want to go to the Disney Parks by themselves.

Business Trips

For some, a small trip to the Parks coincides with a business trip. I know people who have gone to the Parks by themselves because they were in town for business.

Disney has quite a few Resorts that host conferences and other corporate events. And since Disney is known for their outstanding customer service and unique way of making something as mundane as a business meeting seem a little more exciting, it’s an obvious choice for many companies.

No one wants to attend meetings when they’re at the most magical place on earth. But, it’s not all bad. Many times, you’ll be offered a room discount or discounted Theme Park tickets for attending.

For Fun

By far, the largest number of solo travelers go to the Parks by themselves simply because they want to.

No matter if you travel alone or with a large group, no one can see or do it all. So, the greatest part about traveling by yourself is choosing what you want to do or see.

Personally, I use my alone time for business purposes. I can focus more on blog posts or taking pictures to send along clients to help them with questions they may have.

Given the choice of being alone or with my family, I will absolutely choose my family. But, I also know it’s unreasonable to ask them to stop their vacation so I can take a picture or jot down a post idea wherever we go.

Wish You Were Here - Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Tip #1: Stay on property

I always take budget into consideration. But, when you’re traveling alone, you also make safety a top priority. Fortunately, I never worry about my safety when I’m on Disney property.

Many complain about how busy Disney is all the time. But, when you’re on a solo trip, you’re glad they’re there. Walking to your room late at night feels safer when you’re walking the same path as other families.

Even so, it’s always a good idea to take as many precautions as possible. Be mindful of your surroundings. If something doesn’t feel right, listen to your gut. And think about what you’re posting to social media. Avoid updates that involves your location, when possible.

Expedition Everest in the distance at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Tip #2: Getting more done during your day

FastPasses are currenly cancelled, but that doesn’t make this information any less relevant. In general, solo travelers have an easier time riding the most attractions and getting the best Dining Reservations on short notice.

When it comes to any type of reservation or seating at Walt Disney World, it’s easier to find availability for 1 than it is for an entire family.

This is how your favorite youtuber is able to make FastPasses that morning to ride the best attractions and eat at the best restaurants. Many times, they’re alone while they’re filming. So, they’re on the hunt for 1 Fastpass vs trying to get Fastpasses for an entire family.

Single Riders

Prior to the pandemic, Disney filled every single seat, when possible. And thanks to single riders, there are a few popular attractions that have a designated Single Rider Line. I like to think of this as having a free bonus FastPass.

When an odd numbered group came through a line, they take someone from the single rider line and fill that empty seat.

Because you are dependent on odd-numbered groups to come through the line, it’s hard to determine how long you’ll be standing in line. So, bring a good phone charger and pack your patience. You could still have a little bit of a wait ahead of you.

But, since there are many groups who like to sit together, I’ve always gotten through the Single Rider line faster than waiting in the regular line.

Which Attractions have Single Rider Lines?

  • Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom)
  • Test Track (Epcot)
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios)
  • Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run (Hollywood Studios)

The Single Rider line is currently not being used. But, it will no doubt come back again in the future.

Taking a selfie on the Walt Disney World Monorail

Tip #3: Park Hoppers are your friend

The pandemic changed a lot of rules this year. This includes the cancellation of Park Hoppers. But, since Disney has decided to initially offer the Park Hopper upgrade for all 2021 packages, I’m choosing to still mention it. It doesn’t hurt to be optimistic.

Solo travelers typically don’t go on long extended tips. Most of the time, they’re there for a couple days with specific goals in mind.

There are many instances where I recommend skipping Park Hoppers. But, since solo travelers get more done during the day than the typical family, they feel less need to spend the entire day in the same Park.

And with only a few days to experience 4 Theme Parks, Park Hopping could very well be your best friend.

These wonderful ladies let me crash their party…and their picture!

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to talk to people

I wouldn’t call myself an extrovert. But, whether it’s a Cast Member or another Guest, I always find myself talking to people wherever I go at Walt Disney World.

What better way to pass the time on the bus than to have a conversation with someone staying at your Resort. From that day on, you have a friend to wave to when you pass each other in the food court.

I’ve struck up a conversation with Cast Members simply because they’re from my hometown and ended up learning some great facts about Disney that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Because of these amazing people, I’ve never once felt lonely or like I didn’t fit in because I was by myself. Disney just brings out the best in people.

Sebastien sitting on my hand in Dinsey's Magic Kingdom

Tip #5: Have Fun

Many times, Guests run around the Parks trying to do it all or see it all. They’re so busy trying to keep up with their agenda, they forget to have fun.

The best part of traveling alone is doing whatever you want to do. Sometimes, my favorite moments are simply sitting somewhere on Main Street and taking everything in. There’s so much history and “secrets” hidden throughout the Parks. But, Guests are so busy rushing off to the attractions, that they walk right by them.

Do whatever you want without grumbling faces from your friends and family looking back at you. After all, this is YOUR time.

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