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Lockitz! Keeping Your Toddler Happy While Waiting In Line

May 22, 2020

Waiting in line is never easy, especially when you have young kids. One thing that IS easy? Letting your child play with Lockitz!

Oftentimes, Theme Parks don’t allow you to bring strollers into the queue with you. So, having to carry a child AND a bunch of “stuff” isn’t my idea of a good time.

But, since most of us has a phone on us, it’s the perfect distraction for little ones who tend to get antsy.

Lockitz! Keeping Your Toddler Happy While Waiting In Line

Keeping Your Phone Safe

If you’ve ever gone into panic mode whenever your child has reached for your phone, you’re not alone.

When my cousin was young, she was innocently playing with my aunt and uncle’s phone when she accidentally called 911. It wasn’t until a police officer showed up at their door that they realized what she had done.

I never forgot that story. So, when my kids were younger, I had a hard time letting them do anything on my phone without constantly peeking over their shoulder.

If only Lockitz! was around then, I would have felt a lot more comfortable letting them play.

With just a few taps (3 to be exact), your child is unable to access anything else on your phone.

No more photo bursts of the floor or random phone calls to people you haven’t spoken to in years.

If you child is done playing, simply unlock your phone as you normally would. I have an iPhone, so that means simply pressing my thumb to my home button and letting it read my thumbprint.

Lockitz! Home screen with 3 activities to choose from

Simple for small children

There are 3 screens your child can choose from: Farm, Sea, or Space.

As a former Lead infant/toddler teacher, I spent years teaching and playing with little ones. Toys came and went from my classroom. Of course, the toys that the kids loved best were those that made noise. So, I know that my students would have loved this app.

The characters are cute. The colors are nice and bright. And it’s simple enough that toddlers of all skill sets can enjoy it.

And while it does teach the kid the noises certain animals and objects make, there are a few sounds that are sure to get your little one giggling.

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